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LG launches Roboking vacuum range that can clean and monitor your home


LG’s latest addition to its CordZero vacuum range has arrived – it’s the Roboking and can be controlled with your smartphone to not only keep your home clean but also monitor it through the device’s built-in cameras.

The Roboking robotic vacuums are set and forget devices that sweep your floors and vacuum your carpet even if you’re not there.

The Roboking Turbo + Homeview is the top-of-the-line model of the three products in the range and includes three cameras to improve its navigation of the rooms of your home.

The upper camera creates a map of your house so the Roboking can find the most efficient way to cover your floor space even in reduced light.


And the lower camera reads the pattern of the floor along with an optical sensor so it can measure distance and changes to the floor pattern or surface.

Lastly the front camera is the one used to monitor your home.

Roboking Turbo + Homeview includes real-time monitoring through the camera on the front of the unit and can be controlled using the ThinQ app on your smartphone so you can check the progress and alter the vacuum’s path.

Another topline feature is HomeGuard which can alert you if it detects movement in your home and send images directly to your smartphone screen.

Not all homes are the same which is why the LG Roboking Turbo range have four cleaning modes:


Cell by Cell: This mode cleans in individual cells and is ideal for complex areas, as the vacuum ensures each cell has been completed before moving on

ZigZag: The unit moves back and forth until it has covered the room and is ideal for large spaces with few obstacles

Spiral: This works best when you want to vacuum a specific spot

My Space: This program allows you to efficiently clean an area that you have selected like near the front door or around the kitchen table.

On top of tall of those cleaning modes, there is also a host of features included in these latest models which can be seen on the current models.


These include:

Long-Lasting Run Time: The Roboking Turbo models offer users up to 100 minutes5 of run time and it can also find its way back to the charging station when its battery is low.

Corner Master: This features means more thorough cleaning in the corners of the room thanks to its square shaped design and brushes that are now 1.5cm longer, which help the vacuum to reach right into those hard to reach areas.

Voice Notification: The Roboking Turbo models are programmed with more than 90 voice alerts where the vacuum will alert you to issues that require your attention.


Digital Bumper and Smart Exit: Multiple sensors recognise obstacles and can minimise collision. The sensors can also help the vacuum understand how far ahead objects are and the Smart Exit function provides various actions to help it manoeuvre its way out in the unlikely event it gets stuck.

Easy Out Dust Bin: The Roboking Turbo has a pull-up dust bin that can be easily removed from the top of the vacuum


Turbo Mode:  The unit can detect when it has reached a carpeted area and can increase the performance of the brush and suction motors to enhance cleaning performance

Remote Controller: The majority of vacuum modes can also be accessed via a specially designed remote control.


The LG Roboking Turbo + HomeView is priced at $1,799 and is available now from Harvey Norman. The Roboking Turbo + Wi-Fi ($1,599) and Roboking Turbo ($1,399) are available through major electrical retailers.