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What Exactly Is LiFi?


Ask people to name one thing they can’t live without, and you’d probably hear “WiFi” too often. You may laugh about it, but it makes so much sense. The internet runs our lives. You chat with friends, order food, get entertained, and work online.

Without the internet, you won’t even get to read this article. But what happens if our demand for internet data outruns the supply? Can you imagine modern life without the internet? This is where LiFi comes in.

What Is LiFi Technology?

LiFi is short for Light Fidelity. It’s a term derived from WiFi or Wireless Fidelity. Sure, there are similarities between WiFi and LiFi. They are both wireless connections, after all. But instead of transmitting data over radio waves, LiFi can keep you connected through LEDs.

Imagine a world where you can go online by simply flicking your light switch on. Imagine how fast you can download a huge file or stream a movie with all the LED lights in a room. In a few years, those imaginations can turn into reality. LiFi technology is currently being developed by multiple companies. It has been tested to be up to 1000 times faster than WiFi. Plus, it works in aircraft cabins and other areas prone to frequent radio interference.

LiFi could be the answer to our digital future. When the data demand has outgrown the supply from existing technologies like WiFi and LTE, you can turn to LiFi to stay connected. 

How Does LiFi Work?

Wireless data from every light bulb around the world—that’s the promising future we can have with LiFi. But how does LiFi work? How is it possible to go online through a light bulb?

LiFi is an example of a VLC or visible light communications system. It uses the visible light from LED bulbs to send data to a device. This LED light changes its intensity billions of times per second—too fast for the human eye to see. These superfast changes in intensity become digital signals that can carry data from the internet to a device and back again.

You don’t need to sit or stand directly under a LED bulb to ensure a strong LiFi connection. It’s possible to install multiple light bulbs for a single network. From light to light, you can move around without losing your LiFi connection. Besides, light carries digital signals. That means these signals easily bounce off the walls and other surfaces to remain available. 

Are There Available LiFi Products Today? 

Again, LiFi technology is continuously being developed. But there are now several LiFi products available on the market, making LiFi accessible to regular modern consumers.

LiFiMAX is one of these new LiFi products. It’s a plug-and-play system that provides a lightning-fast and reliable internet connection to a maximum of 16 simultaneous users. It’s easy to set up. You can fix the access point on any ceiling in your home or office. If you live or work in an area susceptible to electromagnetic interference, LiFiMAX can save the day. 

Do you prefer a desk LED lamp over a light bulb? Go for MyLiFi. It’s an elegant desk lamp that provides white dynamic lighting and fast, secure LiFi connectivity. This lamp is also flexible; you can position it any way you can to suit your needs. It’s a perfect companion whenever you want to watch a movie or read articles online as you relax after a busy day. 

Which Companies Are Working on LiFi Technology? 

As LiFi continues to carve its place in the future of technology, more companies invest in it. Some of these organizations have already launched their LiFi products, while others are still developing the technology. But the frontrunners that have pushed LiFi technology to reach greater heights are PureLiFi, Oledcomm, Signify, and VLNComm. 

Don’t be surprised if more companies—especially the household tech brands—join the bandwagon. After all, LiFi has an endless potential to revolutionize connectivity. If every tech brand supports LiFi, it can work alongside WiFi, LTE, and other wireless technologies. 

As for consumers, it is now a great opportunity to explore this new wireless technology. Flick the light switch on, and see how LiFi can help sustain your modern life today and tomorrow.