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What Are The Reasons Behind The Popularity Of PDFs Among Students?


When it comes to digital documents then the most widely used file format all over the world is PDF. It is a format that has a lot of useful functions while consuming a very little part of the storage space. There are other documents available such as Word but currently, PDF is leading the way because it has so many unique functions that you cannot find elsewhere.

PDF is popular among people of all ages and occupations. You would find businessmen as well as students using PDF because it has helped people in organizing documents in digital form in an orderly and secure manner. Businessmen use PDF to keep a record of everything, from their clients to upcoming supplies and export products, all of them. For other lines of business such as hospitals, banks, etc PDF has certainly helped them to work more efficiently.

As far as students are concerned then they also have the benefits of PDF. It is the most popular file format among the students because it is easy to share and universal, meaning that it is accessible on any device. Plus, it is also convertible into other formats such as PDF to Word, which we will discuss in detail and it allows integration of multiple elements such as text, images, animations, graphics, etc into a single document. Let’s find out more about the benefits of PDFs and what makes PDFs popular among students:


Students have to deal with so much paperwork at school or college in the form of assignments, homework, project research, journals, portfolios, and other related things. You won’t find all of these aforementioned things in a single format. These could be in different formats such as Word, Excel, PPTs, and it could become a tiresome job having to manage each document in a different file format.

With the help of a PDF Converter, you can convert all of the different file formats such as Excel, PPT, JPG, and Word to PDF in almost no time, and in addition to that, you can make changes to PDFs of these even from your smartphones which makes everything so much simple and convenient. It can be a difficult task to manage all of the different file formats and PDF just makes all of this convenient for students. 

Multi-Faceted Software

Whether you are a school student or college/university student, you must be aware of the fact that teaching isn’t spoon-feeding nowadays which means that the students or learners must learn everything themselves, and the teachers will only facilitate the students and provide them assistance & guidance to students.

In such cases, a student has to do everything by him/herself and since technology has become a part of the curriculum, most of the projects and assignments are computer-based which means that students would have to integrate audio, videos, text, and other elements into their digital documents. 

This is where PDF comes to the rescue because of its ability to integrate and incorporate multiple elements such as text, videos, graphics, pictures, and other elements into a single document which is all that is required nowadays for school projects & assignments.

The Ability To Secure Your Documents

Another reason behind the growing popularity of PDFs among students is the ability that it provides you to secure your files. You might have a lot of digital documents, some might be for school, others for personal users. These include those documents that you can share with your classmates or teachers but there are some documents that you don’t want anyone to access and keep confidential. In this scenario, you can take the help of a PDF document. 

One of the key benefits of using a PDF is that you can encrypt your document by setting up a password for the PDF file. You can set the password to whatever that you want to and once you are done, no one would be able to open the file without the password. By securing confidential and private PDF files, you can prevent anyone from accessing them even if you share these files unintentionally with someone or someone tries to access them without your permission.

The takeaway here is that PDF is making things convenient and easier for students. It is helping them with their projects and assignments & it also fulfills the criteria of submission, which for most schools/colleges is to submit your documents in the form of a PDF because it is universal and can be accessed on any device.