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Top 5 Apps That Can Help You To Manage Your Time Efficiently


Time flies if not managed efficiently. In the current world, it is pretty easy to get distracted every now and then. Thankfully, with the help of technology, it is now possible to manage time efficiently with the help of time management apps and tools.

The current market is filled with many apps and tools which can prove to be very handy for managing time, here is the list of the top five apps that can help you to manage your time efficiently. 

1. Rescue Time

If you don’t know whether you are using your time productively or not, the Rescue Time available for iOS, Android and Desktop is the perfect app for you. It is because Rescue Time sends the users a weekly time to indicate how they are using their time. It further supports the automatic time-tracking feature that helps you to track time without manually engaging. The distracting blocking feature of the app is also very useful especially if one is engaged in important tasks like preparing for a Sarkari Exam or a job interview. The app also provides the users with a personal daily focus work goal that is helpful in increasing productivity. It further guides the users with information like if they are losing their focus or trying to manage multiple tasks in a single go. 

2. Clockify 

It is a handy tool especially if you are someone who is working from home and is totally on your own for managing your schedule like a freelancer. With Clockify, the users can track time spent on various projects and see where they are spending their time which ultimately contributes to time management skills. The additional feature of Clocify is that it supports billable time and expenses which comes in handy in creating invoices based on the amount of time that you have spent in completing a particular task. Also, the app can be used for managing time by tracking attendance for accounting and payroll. Clockify can be used for free and is helping millions of users to manage their time. 

3. Focus Keeper 

Focus Keeper works on the principle of the Pomodoro Technique which is aimed at improving the productivity level of the users. The Pomodoro Technique pushes one to work for 25 minutes straight without any distraction and then take a five minutes work which the users can use for miscellaneous tasks like checking the notifications of Sarkari Result. After completing four sets of Pomodoro, it is recommended to take a 15-minute long break. The Focus Timer app works on this principle and is customizable to meet the requirement of the project. It not only improves productivity but also ensures that one is not burnt out because of the tedious tasks that they are performing. 

4. MindNote 

MindNote helps the users to manage their time efficiently by allowing them to capture all their thoughts in one place in a way that it is easily visible and comprehensible to the user. It is a great app for visual brainstorming and allows the users to capture their thoughts, organize them and finally, style their mind map. MindNote also allows the users to keep track of the progress and use the focus mode to put a spotlight on the details. In addition to that MindNote also makes it easier to outline ideas and make notes along with sorting everything with visual tags. 

5. TickTick 

TickTick app is a popular time management app that keeps users organized. The app can be helpful in organizing both personal and professional goals with its to-do features. The users can also use the reminder app to free themselves from the worry of missing a deadline. The app supports five calendar views to make sure that the users are able to manage their schedules in a way that they find convenient. Further, it allows the users to collaborate with others which is especially helpful if one is engaged in teamwork. The premium version of the app also supports focus mode with the help of the Pomodoro Technique. 

All these apps are extremely helpful in managing time. It is recommended to efficiently manage time, the user creates a to-do list and then schedules it to ensure that the day can fit in all the tasks that need to be completed without feeling overburdened. It is also important to schedule some recreational time in between the hectic schedule to ensure that one doesn’t burn out due to the heavy tasks.