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Telstra launches new Smart Wi-Fi Boosters which come with a coverage guarantee


Telstra is now offering NBN customers a wi-fi satisfaction guarantee with the ability to extend the wi-fi reach of their existing Telstra modem with additional boosters.

This first-of-its-kind offer allows customers to receive up to three Smart Wi-Fi boosters for $12 a month on a 24 month term – and that comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not happy after 30 days, customers can cancel their repayments with no further charges and receive a one-month credit.

“We’ve recently experienced how critical it is to have a fast and reliable internet connection in the whole house to help us work, study, be entertained and remain connected,” says Michelle Garra, Telstra’s Connected Home and Business Executive.

“During the peak of the nation staying at home, daytime traffic was up by as much as 70 per cent in late March with an average of about nine connected devices per household.

“We’re also currently delivering our fastest NBN speeds ever with the lowest latency of any provider during evening hours when gaming and video streaming is mainly happening.

“This means less lag and less waiting, and results in a better customer experience.”

“As the NBN rollout nears its completion, it is important to educate our customers about how and why strong Wi-Fi is a critical aspect of creating a positive internet experience, particularly with so many using multiple screens around the home.

“We’re seeing customers put their modem in a poor location like in a cupboard or behind a television which reduces the Wi-Fi signal strength.”

Under the Telstra wi-fi satisfaction guarantee, customers can receive up to three additional Smart Wi-Fi boosters which can create a mesh wi-fi network using EasyMesh technology and work in conjunction with the Telstra Smart Modem.

This would suit customers who live in larger, double brick houses or in a home with multiple stories and can keep devices connected despite being further from the modem.

One in three customers in Australia, according to Telstra research, has a below-par wireless experience in their home.

Telstra customers can even map their wi-fi using the Telstra Home Dashboard app which can assess your coverage and tell you where to put your boosters.

“We continue to focus on innovation to help address customer pain points and deliver the fastest and most reliable connectivity we can,” Ms Garra said.

“We know about a quarter of customers experience at least one network outage each month and we are the only provider who can keep their voice and data connected as our Smart Modem fails over to Australia’s best mobile network.

“These are a few reasons why we have recently hit a big milestone – over two million Telstra Smart Modems have been delivered to our consumer and business customers.

“Today’s announcement combined with Telstra’s NBN satisfaction guarantee means more customers are choosing Telstra as Australia’s leading NBN provider for a great in-home internet experience.”

Telstra worked with the CSIRO on its wi-fi testing to help customers improve their home’s wi-fi performance and study the reach of the Telstra Smart Modem and boosters.