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Tech Guide partners with Leading Edge Computers to provide instore reviews


leadingedgetgthumbTech Guide has partnered with Leading Edge Computers stores around Australia to allow customers to access our product reviews instore by scanning a QR code.

Leading Edge Computers is one of largest independent IT and technology specialised retailers with more than 135 stores Australia-wide.

The partnership between Tech Guide and Leading Edge Computers will make it possible for customers to access Tech Guide’s online reviews for a product they are browsing in the store.

Customers simply have to scan the Tech Guide QR code displayed above the product in store using an app on their smartphone.

This provides a direct link to Tech Guide’s independent review of that particular product to give them a better idea if that device or computer will suit their needs.

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech says the partnership with Leading Edge Computers will make stores even more attractive for customers.

“I’m delighted to be working with Leading Edge Computers to provide information and reviews that will add to the already high level of customer service in stores,” Mr Fenech said.

How the Tech Guide review posters will appear in Leading Edge Computers stores. Customers simply scane the QR code with their smartphone to read the complere Tech Guide review

“Offering easy access to Tech Guide’s online reviews from the stores will enhance the retail experience for Leading Edge Computers customers.

“Between the excellent and well-trained staff and easily accessible Tech Guide online reviews, Leading Edge Computers customers will have all the information they need to make an informed purchase on the product that’s right for them.”

Leading Edge computers general manager Graham Dear says the partnership with Tech Guide will be an added bonus for customers.

“Tech Guide is a great website that is on the cutting edge for news and product reviews that are relevant to everyday consumers of all ages,” Mr Dear said.

“Stephen Fenech is one of the most widely read and respected tech journalists in the country and we’re pleased our customers will have easier access to his excellent reviews in our stores.

“He has a knack of explaining the complicated parts of technology and products in a way that’s easy to understand which is great news for Leading Edge Computers.”

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