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From Payroll to Employee Tracking: How To Streamline Management in 2020


When it comes to payroll, there are few more important functions in any business. After all, if you don’t pay your employees, they won’t work for you and your business will fall flat. In 2020, there will be a new push for streamlined management that takes simple payroll to a more holistic employee tracking system.

That may sound a little hands-on, but the benefit of this approach can save your business real money. To understand why payroll is transforming in 2020, then use this guide to help you start your journey.

Efficient outsourcing

Streamlining management in 2020 is all about recognizing strength and opportunity. No business can be an expert in every aspect of the operating procedure. One aspect that a lot of businesses are outsourcing is managed payroll services. Expert providers in this field offer more than just payroll services. Employee tracking, reporting and taxation reporting and compliance are only a few of the services offered. Streamlining these tasks allow finance staff to focus their efforts and expertise elsewhere to drive real improvement in the bottom line. Not to mention, having a dedicated team focused on your business can offer real peace of mind.

Lower liabilities

Employee tracking as a title can seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. For any business, lost time leave results in big liabilities to the business, as the employee still expects pay. Rostered employees and businesses can suffer from increased liability under traditional payroll. With employee tracking solutions, it is possible to streamline this process.

With clock-in and out functionality from any device or anywhere, employees have greater flexibility. Greater flexibility leads to more comprehensive reporting that management can use to manage liability in their teams. If team members are clocking-in and out prior to arrival or after departure, real-time tracking allows management to identify these issues. Avoiding dishonest employees can help reduce business liability greatly.

Focus and attention

By streamlining your payroll and employee tracking, which can be easily done with the help of payroll software, you allow for greater focus and attention across the business. The payroll employees internally can focus effort elsewhere and drive projects forward. In the interim, payroll experts that are external can help optimise and learn about your individual teams.

Identifiers like willingness to work overtime as well as roster forecasts are just two immediately streamlined areas of the business. Not only will rostering into the future save time, but it also helps demonstrate the team members who may need a little extra motivation. This kind of focus and attention can only come from a dedicated resource that isn’t trying to focus on the twenty other tasks you’ve got to get through today.

Two of everything

Managing a business in 2020 will be tough for so many reasons. Changing customer expectations, technology and competition are just a few of the factors impacting all businesses. By streamlining employee tracking and payroll, you double the eyes, ears and work coming out of these areas. External support also helps remove any personal bias that may be present. These kinds of efficiencies create great clarity of employees who need assistance and more management.

Streamlining management in 2020 is all about working smarter, not harder. Whether you subscribe to the school of thought around robotics replacing everyone or are simply looking for a way ahead, there is a solution for all. Take a step back and examine the areas you can optimise. Employee tracking and payroll is one area where streamlining can go a long way toward creating real success and efficiencies across the business. If you’re unsure how, you can use this guide to get started.