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Instagram users can now take and share videos


instagramthumbInstagram, the popular picture sharing app bought out by Facebook for $1b, has added the ability for its 130 million users to capture and share videos.

Users can capture videos up to 15 seconds long and add filters for different looks in the same way you can with pictures.

Facebook’s move to add video to its Instagram app comes just months after Twitter acquired Vine which allows users to capture a six second video which loops continuously.

Vine launched in January and has already gained 13 million users.

Facebook also recently took a leaf out of the Twitter book by introducing hashtags to its status updates.

Users can now capture video and share it with Instagram

Instagram users will find an update to the app from today for iPhone and Android which will now have the video capture and sharing feature.

Part of the update includes a feature called Cinema which can take the shakes out of your videos for better results.

To capture video on the Instagram app users will see a new video camera icon which they can press and hold to start filming.

You can see a video explaining the new features here.

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