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How to Earn On Memes With NFT?


Have you ever heard about the Memes, which is the community that experiments at the intersection of NFTs and DEFI? One need not have to face any kind of hassle for this as they will just have to deposit some of the tokens temporarily, which will quickly make them earn limited editions of NFT art and various other collectibles.

It is something very unique which is not in the knowledge of a vast number of people. You will be happy to know that recently the new version has been launched with mainly focuses on the passionate pineapple farmers from the entire parts of the world.

Get familiar with the descriptive concept of NFT on memes

The NFT is available in the different categories, which mainly includes Rare, Common as well as Relic, on which the cost of NFT is primarily dependent. Suppose the user is willing to stake for the NFT, which is “Rare,” then he will have to bet for $ 5 memes for 30 days. At the same time, it is straightforward to attain the Relic as it does not take more than a day. The platform where the staking is held is known as the Genesis LP, which is also termed as the faring pool, and you should be aware that standard staking is known as Genesis.

The unique thing about the NTFS is that they are based on the Ethereum, which is the only reason one can even trade them in the secondary market. The early supply of Memes was dropped to the primary adopters. After that time, no new Memes have been developed. By this, one thing is confirmed that the production right of NFT is only in the hand of the MEME token holder. No one other than the token holders have the authority to buy the minted NFTs, as others have to go through the secondary market for this. You can visit at

Steps that will guide to stake on memes in an effortless manner

  • The very first thing that has to be done by you when you want to earn on memes with NFT is to get an Ethereum wallet. There are numerous Ethereum wallets available, but you can simply go with the wallets like Metamask.
  • After getting a wallet, you will have to add the Memes token to the wallet. You need to make sure that you will add an equal number of tokens in the uniswap pool. The first-time users should understand that the number of Memes should be almost 50 to prevent any kind of hassle in the procedure.
  • After entering the LP genesis pool, you are suggested to unlock the wallet and approve the UNIV2-LP. It is essential to enter the amount which you are willing to stake as without\it user will not be able to proceed further.
  • Staking on a regular basis will make you earn one pineapple every day, and when you have enough pineapples, then you can simply claim NFT as per your suitability. |You should avoid adding more than 0.0002 because this will result in failing your stake, which will lead to wastage of your precious time.

Understand the concept of earning NFT through Memes

  • In simple words, we can say that Memes is the decentralized path that can be considered by the individuals for farming of the NFT. Basically, you can simply stake the tokens of NFT by going through the Memes platform, and it has really attracted several users who were interested in betting.
  • The NFT staking through is Memes is really an effective deal as here the users get a chance to attain a limited edition of NFTs, which are owned by some of the famous artists of the Ethereum space.
  • There is a limit of staking as no user can stake more than $5 meme tokens at a particular time. He will have to try the next day to attain more passes if interested. The users are able to earn points for every stake that can be redeemed for the NFT, which can be chosen by the users.
  • If you have not yet stepped into this concept, then you should understand that it is really one of the exciting concepts. There is no doubt in the fact that it is currently at its present stage, but there will be the time it will be the top priority of everyone.