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How to make your own craft beer with the WilliamsWarn BrewMaster


The craft beer industry is growing with drinkers keen to taste new brews but now there’s a new all-in-one appliance that makes it possible for beer lovers to create their own at home.

The WilliamsWarn BrewMaster, created by two New Zealand friends, can produce 19 litres of cold, clear, carbonated professional quality beer in just seven days like a commercial brewery.

Ian Williams, one of the co-inventors and a professional beer taster, came up with the idea to improve the quality of home brewing.

Production of craft beer has grown by 9.5 per cent year-on-year from 2011 to 2016.

“As a professional beer taster by trade, it’s fantastic to see the craft beer industry continue to grow and attract more customers,” Williams said.


“The trend towards bespoke flavours and unique beer styles is a trend driven by consumer demand, and it marks a new era for the beverage industry.  I’m excited to see this movement continue to skyrocket in Australia.”

The WilliamsWarn BrewMaster comes with 14 beer kits and a cider kit that all match styles from the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) along with advanced recipes which takes users through the steps of adding extra hops and malts to create different beer styles.

There are six main features that make the unit an all-in-one solution.


These include a stainless steel pressure vessel to enable carbonation, temperature control system, sediment removal system, clarification system to mix the brew properly, gas dispense system to keep natural CO2 in the beer and the draft dispense mechanism – the beer tap that dispenses the liquid to keep the liquid from over-foaming.

And lastly, there’s the bottling and capping so you can enjoy the product of your labours.

Once brewers get even more familiar with the product, it’s the simply a matter of experimenting to create unique recipes and flavours.

Users can take complete creative control of the process while producing the same quality beer as a modern brewery.

Lots of people start the home brewing process but most don’t stick with it because of the lengthy process and the difficulty of temperature control and sediment removal.

With the WilliamsWarn BrewMaster those processes are easily handled so you can concentrate on making good beer.

The WilliamsWarn BrewMaster is available now and it’s not cheap at $7,499 so you’ll need to be a serious beer lover who can make their money back by creating their own brew instead of heading to the bottle shop.

It is available from selected Harvey Norman stores and E & S Trading.