Modern technology gives us many things.

Technogym Bike offers live online training and it can entertain you as well


Technogym will release its highly-anticipated indoor spin bike in Australia from next week which offers users a variety of training experiences while enjoying their entertainment at the same time.

The Technogym Bike offers live and on-demand group cycling classes as well as one-on-one trainer-led sessions through the bike’s built-in 22-inch console.

There are also outdoor scenarios and off-bike bodyweight workouts by the leading trainers.

Trainers will guide you through your workouts and you can also join live or on-demand classes led by the most popular trainers from around the world.

The virtual outdoor training will give you the impression that you’re riding through 25 different natural and urban landscapes.

But on top of all the training options there are also numerous entertainment options to go with it including Netflix, YouTube, TV channels, social media, news and even games which can be enjoyed on the 22-inch display.

Technogym is a name many would recognise from their local gyms.

The company was founded in Italy in 1983 and has gone on to create cutting edge fitness equipment for gyms, hotels and private homes.

The Technogym Bike is a professional product that allows users to train in the comfort of their own home in the same way that they would experience in the gym.

It offers scientific tracking of the user’s power output as well as intuitive user-friendly features including a system that enables the rider to find the perfect position of the handlebars and seat with one touch.

The Technogym Bike is priced at $4,590 and an extra $39 a month if you want to enjoy the live streaming classes.

The $4,590 price includes Technogym’s Trainer’s on-demand classes, Technogym Outdoors and Total Body Workouts.