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Segway introduces a new way to get around with its Drift W1 electric skates


There is a new way to get around town – it’s the Segway Drift W1. These are lightweight electric skates which offer a whole new type of personal transportation.

Over the years Segway has produced a number of products that offer new types of mobility and now it has come up with a pair of electric shoes that can achieve speeds of up to 12km/h.

The Segway Drift W1, available now for pre-order, features a large wheel on the base of each skate.

Riders simply stand on each of the skates and shift their way forward or backwards to get moving.

Once activated, each of the Segway shoes is calibrated and balances on the large wheel when it is ready to be ridden.

The top of each skate has a nonslip rubber grip so the rider can simply place their feet on each one without any need for straps to hold your feed in place.

Each of the skates weighs 3.5kg and is 29cm long by 16cm wide and 12cm tall.

It’s a re-invention of the hover board craze which literally crashed and burned after substandard mass-market models produced in a rush were brought into Australia.

There were numerous recalls thanks to the several units catching fire and carrying them aboard aircraft was also banned.

But the Segway Drift W1 looks like it’s a completely different story.

For a start, they are manufactured by a reputable company and offer high quality engineering that customers expect from the brand.

With a full charge the Segway Drift W1 will run for up to 45 minutes depending on the terrain and your riding style.

The Segway Drift W1 is available for pre-order now and are priced at $US399.

A $US99 deposit will secure your Segway Drift W1 and also get you a free helmet.

The product is expected to ship in late August.