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Samsung releases Australia’s first washer dryer combo with wi-fi


samsungwifiwasher1Washer dryers are not usually classed as high tech products but that was before Samsung released Australia’s first washer dryer combo with built-in wi-fi.

Samsung’s 10kg washer and 8kg dryer front-loader combo has an 8-inch full colour touchscreen with smart wi-fi control.

From the large screen, users can control all of the machine’s functions plus choose from one of 15 wash cycle options.

There’s even a smartphone app called Smart Wi-Fi Control that will allow users to manage some of the combo’s functions remotely via the internet.

The app also makes it possible to stop and start the washer as well as tell you when a load is complete.

The Samsung washer dryer front-loader combo is built to handle the demands of the Australian household and can wash up to 15kg with the machine’s Power Bubble function.

The Samsung washer dryer combo is Australia's first with wi-fi on board

Also onboard is an Auto Detergent Dispenser that can calculate the right amount of detergent based on the laundry’s weight and size.

While in operation, Samsung’s Speed Spray function can be activated to help soak the detergent deeper into fabrics using a pressurised water spray.

The unit comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and 11 years parts warranty.

Samsung’s Ultra Large Capacity Washing Machine Combo with built-in wi-fi is available now in selected stores and priced at $3,999.

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