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Rode’s PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm is the essential microphone mount for podcasters


We’ve already invested in a lot of Rode products to produce our podcasts and videos and the new PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm can bring them together so you can focus on creating great content.

As we’ve seen with all of Rode’s products, the quality and attention to detail is immediately evident as soon as you take the PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm out of the box.

It has a parallelogram spring design and is covered with neoprene to not only make it look better but to also further dampen any noise generated by the already dampened internal springs.

Even when adjusting the arm, it has completely silent operation and there are rubber contact mounts to isolate knocks and other bumps.

This arm is designed to place the microphone at exactly the right spot so you can stay comfortably hands-free.

It can extend the reach of your microphone and rotate 360 degrees, so you have plenty of set-up options in any situation whether you’re in a studio, in an office or at home.

The arm can attach to your desk in two ways.

The first, and easiest way, is with a weighted clamp that attached to the edge of the desk with the arm slipping in and locking place in the top slot.

The second is with the included threaded desk mount which requires you to cut a small hole in the desk so you can place it anywhere on that surface

After the Rode PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm has been installed it’s easy to run and manage the XLR and USB cables that run to the microphone.

The arm can support microphones up to 1.2kg so you have plenty of options.

For our set-up we were able to use the Rode Procaster and the Rode PodMic.

Onboard is a 3/8 thread but it also comes with a 3/8 to 5/8 adapter.

The Rode PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm is an excellent addition to any studio whether you’re a broadcaster, industry professional, podcaster or streamer.

It is available now and is priced at $199.