Modern technology gives us many things.

Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro can give you precise insights into your heart health


Thanks to the popularity of smartwatches we’ve become more aware of heart health than ever before and a new device – the Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro – can take that understanding even further.

The Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro Works with both iPhone and Android smartphones and monitor your heart and entire cardiovascular system.

This smartwatch of the most comprehensive health monitors you can buy.

The device has curved glass screen and a sleek low profile metal body so it’s equally appealing to men and women.

Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro has a 1.55-inch touch screen display and an interchangeable 20mm watch straps.

It’s also water resistant so you can take it for a swim as well.

The Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro is available now and is priced at $139.99. but there is a 15 per cent off special which brings the price down to $118.99 on the Mobvoi website.

Heart health goes beyond just the heart and includes our cardiovascular system and all the blood vessels involved to keep our heart in great condition.

The watch has dual PPG sensors that can provide readings into arterial health and other biometrics through the sensing points on the wrist and through the fingertip when placed on the side sensor.

From here, the device can measure the pressure waves based on the strength of your own pulse as it flows through your body.

These readings give a good indication of the health of your heart and major arteries – information never seen before in non-medical wearable devices.

Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro is the first in the world to include the Arty heart health analytics platform to give you a true big picture view of your heart and cardiovascular health.

these include Arty Score, eCAP, ArtyAge, HSX and True HR.


The Arty Score is a general heart health reading based on four factors including eCAP (exercise capacity) ArtyAge, Heart Stress Index (HSX) and True HR.

Any changes to this score can be used to detect changes in our body and determine whether we need to pay attention to hypertension and related conditions.

The higher your Arty Score the better your cardiovascular health.

You can improve your Arty Score by getting 6 to 9 hours of sleep every night, maintaining your ideal body weight through exercise and nutrition and by not smoking.


Hardening of the arteries can lead to a number of health conditions. This is caused by high blood pressure (hypertension) which can make your arteries stiffen over time.

ArtyAge can tell you how stiff your arteries are.

When arteries in the arms and legs stiffen, the heart has to work harder to pump blood and maintain pressure.

This leads to an increase of pressure in the heart which can increase to match the pressure in your limbs.

The smaller the difference between these two pressures the stiffer your arteries are and the older the ArtyAge of the user.

If your ArtyAge is higher than your actual age you know it’s time to take some actions and consider some lifestyle changes to improve your reading.

To improve your ArtyAge it’s best to do more aerobic and all resistance exercise and make changes to your diet to include low fat dairy foods, reducing fat and salt and eliminating or reducing caffeine.


eCAP is a measurement of the blood flow to your inner heart muscle.

The greater this number, which measures the supply to demand ratio of blood, the more your heart can deliver oxygenated blood while you’re exercising.

Without enough oxygenated blood, your heart may be unable to deliver oxygenated blood to the rest of the body and your exercise performance will be affected.

To improve your eCAP you should exercise at least 150 minutes per week, perform a mix of aerobic and resistance exercises and consume more vitamin C.


HSX is the measurement of the work your heart has to do if you have stiff arteries.

This is an important factor to monitor because long term stress on the heart and cardiovascular system can result in serious health problems including an enlarged heart and heart failure.

The lower the HSX the better and you can get this number down by increasing high intensity interval training, making dietary changes and adopt stress reducing activities like yoga, meditation and aerobics.


True Heart Rate is something most consumer wearable devices can measure but the Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro offers a more accurate reading that’s closer to a medical electrocardiogram.

For adults, a normal resting heart rate is between 60 to 100 beats per minute with a lower heart rate indicating a healthier more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular health.

Users can view the Arty dashboard on their smartphone with the Mobvoi companion app so you can easily stay on top of your readings and adjust your lifestyle to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Naturally the device is also your workout companion and you can choose between one of 14 workout modes from your wrist including indoor cycling, walking, gymnastics, yoga, trail running, pool swimming and rowing machine.

The watch can also keep track of your blood oxygen level (SPo2) which is a reading on how well oxygen is being sent throughout your body.

The Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro can also monitor your sleep and can track your light and deep sleep cycles as well as the length and the quality of your sleep.

The watch can also take all your readings and provide insights about your stress levels throughout the day and will even tell you to take a breather and guide you through breathing exercises which will help you focus and relax.

On the battery side, the Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro offers up to 10 days of use from a single charge which means you’re able to monitor your exercise and sleep and your overall health without needing to constantly charge the device.

Users can customise and change the watch face with your own images or one of hundreds of designs using the Mobvoi app.

The Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro is priced at $139.99. You can get it at a 15 per cent off special which brings the price down to $118.99 on the Mobvoi website.