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The Minix NEO Storage Pro is a hub and portable SSD drive in one


Since the MacBook Pro was revealed with Thunderbolt 3 ports, customers had no choice but to invest in hubs and dongles so they can still connect peripherals and read memory cards but the Minix NEO Storage Pro adds 480GB of onboard memory on top of its additional ports.

The Minix NEO Storage Pro is the world’s first dual-display USB-C Multiport SSD hub which has an onboard storage SSD (solid state drive) capacity of a generous 480GB.

It weighs just 55g and is 13.3cm long, 3cm wide and 8mm thick.

The device is compatible with Apple’s MacBook Pro and the more recent MacBook Air models and connects via two USB-C plugs.

You are giving away two USB-C ports and only receiving a Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port in return but there is a HDMI port and a USB 3.0 port as well.

The HDMI port can support 4K at up to 60Hz and is a great way to see your content on a larger screen like a TV, monitor or through a projector whether it’s a presentation or a streaming service.

The Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port can be used to connect up to an external 5K monitor at 60Hz as well as transfer data at 40GB/s.

This means you can connect to a TV and to an external monitor from your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

But it is also USB-PD (power delivery) compatible and can support up to 100W of fast charging.

And then there’s the storage with 480GB at your disposal with read and write speeds at more than 400MB/s.

When connected, the drive appears in the Finder as NEO Storage and offers the convenience of being able to have additional memory literally attached to the laptop.

So rather than connecting an external hard drive to the MacBook with a cable, the Minix NEO Storage Pro becomes part of the computer.

In fact, the device is available in space grey and silver so it can perfectly match your  MacBooks and blend in to your workflow a little better.

The result is having extra storage and additional ports in the same device instead of having to connect two products.

And if you’re working on the go, it’s a lot easier to have the Minix NEO Storage Pro by your side.

You can even leave it connected to your MacBook – it adds 3.4cm of thickness – which most computer bags and backpacks can handle.

It’s also the same thickness as the MacBook keyboard so not only does it blend in colour-wise but also design wise as well.

The Minix NEO Storage Pro has been developed through Indiegogo and is available now.

MINIX NEO Storage Pro Features

– Built-in 480GB SSD Storage [Up to 400MB/s read + write speed] (non-removable)

– HDMI [4K @ 60Hz]

– Thunderbolt 3 [data transfer, display output and power delivery]

– 1 x USB 3.0

MINIX NEO Storage Pro – Indiegogo Pricing

– Super Early Bird: AUD$146

– Early Bird: AUD$175

– Normal: AUD$190