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Apple invents bendable battery for possible smartwatch


smartwatchthumbRumours of Apple producing a smartwatch and devices with bendable displays have intensified after patent applications for flexible battery designs were revealed

The site Patently Apple has revealed two of Apple’s patent applications published by the US Patent & Trademark Office.

They show designs for a battery that is made up of smaller cells and connected by bendable joints.

A typical battery is made from a single rigid cell for devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

But the new battery designs suggest the product they have been created for will have curved or bendable design.

The Apple patent designs for its bendable battery obtained by Patently Apple

Bending a regular lithium ion battery to a curved shape would cause damage to the cell – hence the reason for this flexible design that leaves each of the cells intact inside its own section.

This supports the rumours that Apple is working on a smartwatch that could wrap around your wrist rather than being held in place with a regular watchband.

Curved displays have also been seen as part of the next wave of products in the market including a possible curved screen iPhone.

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