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Flow lets you monitor the air quality around you and avoid dangerous pollutants


If you suffer allergies or have other sensitivities, it’s important to know the air quality around you. That’s now even easier with Flow – the mobile personal air quality tracker – which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Flow can help users understand, monitor and lower their exposure to air pollution whether you’re inside or on the move.

The device works with a companion app that helps you check your surroundings and map the air pollution around you.

According to a recent study air pollutants from car exhausts cause more deaths in the US each year than road casualties.

Now with Flow, people have a way to track these dangerous pollutants and avoid them.

The app also provides health recommendations to help users reduce their exposure.

Flow can be attached to a bag, purse, bike or stroller with all users contributing their findings to a live air map and showing the areas to avoid.

Picture of a  smiling young business man who stopped his bike in the middle of a city. He is standing looking at his phone on his way to write a text message.

Flow is made of anodized brushed aluminium and has environmental sensors with 12 multi-colour LEDs and a capacitive touch button.

Flow will be available later in 2017.