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Fitbit launches new Fitstar app that can become your personal trainer


It’s the new year and there are plenty of people who made resolutions to get into shape. That just got a little easier with the release of the new Fitstar personal trainer app by Fitbit.

Fitstar can help you achieve your fitness goals by creating personalised workouts and making recommendations based on your Fitbit activities.

Now instead just counting steps, a Fitbit user can be guided through an exercise program anywhere and anytime that will match your fitness, strength and stamina levels.

Fitstar Personal Trainer has four exercise programs plus dozens of freestyle sessions.

To kick things off, you can take a fitness test that takes about 10 minutes and involves high-knee running, push ups and squats to determine your level of fitness.

You also get to choose a personal trainer and select what you’d like to achieve whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger or just to get moving.


These Premium programs can be unlocked for $12.99 a month or $62.99 a year which is still a lot cheaper than a gym membership or real-life personal trainer.

But Fitstar is offering a free 90-day Premium subscription until April 30 and you don’t need to purchase a Fitbit device to redeem the free trial.

If you’re a Fitbit user, you can access these programs in the Guidance tab and can tap into what you’ve been doing with your Fitbit.

For example, if you’ve recently completed a run, the Fitstar Personal Trainer will focus on abs and arms.


The Fitstar Personal Trainer app experience includes:

– Recommended workouts: Fitstar will recommend workouts based on your daily activity tracked 
with a Fitbit device in the new “Guidance” tab, providing customised fitness guidance to better 
help you reach your goals.

– Two certified personal trainers: Choose between Adrian and Lea who will guide you on your 
fitness journey.

– Fitstar Radio: Personalise your workout soundtrack with Fitstar Radio, which offers several 
popular music stations from Pop to Hip Hop to motivate you while you exercise.


– New look and feel: A new, redesigned look and feel provides a fresh and inspiring exercise experience that you can view on a wide variety of formats, from mobile phones and computers to the latest high-def TVs.

– More moves: An expanded library of new bodyweight and cardio exercises for every fitness 
level, with more to be added regularly.

The Fitstar Personal Trainer app is available now from the App Store and Google Play Store and be accessed online here.