Modern technology gives us many things.

EXYRA glasses are designed to help everyone avoid digital eye strain


Many Australian spend hours per day looking at a screen but what we don’t realise is this exposure could have an impact on our eye health. An Australian start-up has come up with a solution.

The average Australian household uses up to six devices per day for more than two hours for work and play.

The screens, and in particular blue light emitted from the LED displays, can cause eye problems including eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches, fatigue and neck and back pain.

So the crowd funded Australian start-up EXYRA has developed an affordable solution – glasses that filter the artificial blue light from our computer screens, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Our eye’s natural lens is not capable of filtering this blue light that can enter our retina and cause both muscular and visual damage to our eyes.


The EXYRA Eyewear are available in prescription and non-prescription options and filters out the high energy blue light.

These glasses will only allow the healthier blue-turquoise wavelengths to enter our eye so we still maintain full colour perception while protecting us from eye muscle strain.

The EXYRA glasses come in six different styles with 14 different colours and patterns to suit men and women of all ages.


We gave the glasses a try and found it gave our screens are slightly whiter look which we suspect is the result of the blue light being directed away from our eyes.

Customers also have the option of including greater magnification for their lenses to reduce the focusing effort of accommodating varying degrees of contrast.


The EXYRA Eyewear’s can also protect you outside from UV damage and glare making them an ideal companion inside and out.

The EXYRA glasses started $98 and come with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.