Modern technology gives us many things.

Evone smart shoes have built in sensors to detect a fall and send an alert


We saw no shortage of smart devices at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but one that caught our eye was the Evone smart shoes which can detect if a person has fallen and alert loved ones or emergency services.

The Evone smart shoe is designed for three types of people – the elderly, workers and outdoor adventurers.

With built-in sensors and GPS onboard, the shoes can detect abnormal movements – like a fall.

If this occurs, the Evone shoes will send an alert and geolocation to a nominated friend or family member via a built in GSM radio like the one in your phone.

And Evone will also know if the person manages to regain their feet and gives them the option of calling off the alert.

But if that person is injured and unable to get up the alert will continue.

The wearer will even receive an alert – via a vibration in the soles of the Evone shoes – to let them know the alert has been received and that help is on the way.

For elderly users, where a fall could be catastrophic, it will work better than an emergency pendant because the alert can be triggered automatically.

In the case of a worker who may be in a factory or a building site or a security officer, the Evone shoes could alert the security manager immediately of any incident.


And a hiker or adventurer, who may be alone in the wilderness, will be able to send for help if they are injured and unable to continue.

There are numerous styles of Evone shoes available depending on the type of user and scenario.


For example, the range for the elderly are smart and casual and look like regular shoes – no different to any other loafers and flat comfortable shoes.

There are also Evone smart safety boots with steel caps as well as smart outdoor shoes for hikers.


The Evone shoes are manufactured in France and are available in a number of styles and colours.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG