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DJI launches new Phantom 3 aerial photography drone


DJI has revealed its latest drone –  the Phantom 3 – with enhanced features that are designed to make the craft both easier to fly and to take even better photos and videos.

There has been a slight design change to the drone and there will be two versions of the Phantom 3 available – Professional and Advanced.

The Professional model will include a camera capable of shooting 4K video and capturing 12-megapixel images while the Advanced version can shoot full high definition 1080p video as well as 12-megapixel images.

Users can capture some amazing aerial video and pictures and will give photographers and filmmakers literally a new approach to their work.

The DJI Phantom 3
The DJI Phantom 3

Flying the new Phantom 3 is even easier and more intuitive to fly with even more features to ensure a safe and stable flight.

You can never lose track of the Phantom 3 with GPS and GLONASS (global navigation satellite system) combining to make the craft aware of its location in relation to you at all times.

Through the DJI Pilot app you can also see the Phantom 3’s location on a live map and record your take-off point and bring it back with a single tap.

Also on board is an Inertial Measurement Unit  which has a 6-axis gyroscope and an accelerometer to detect changes in flight and compensate for them automatically.

The DJI Pilot app gives users complete control and has a new interface and with complete camera control thanks to a live real-time view of what the drone is seeing.


The newly designed remote control has a larger bracket to hold a small tablet in place for an even larger view of your flight.

The new controller has a wider 2km range and sensitive control sticks and dedicated buttons to control the camera, start and stop recording and play back video while still in flight.

The battery is also more intelligent with built-in sensors to give even more accurate power status along with an updated charger for even faster recharge times.

The new Phantom 3 remote control can now hold a tablet
The new Phantom 3 remote control can now hold a tablet

Design-wise the only major change is the visual and ultrasonic sensors that sits behind the camera gimbal to identify the position of the drone and allow pilots to fly the Phantom 3 more accurately indoors and low to the ground.

It has an Auto Take-Off feature so with one tap the drone can take off and hover at a pre-set height.

The Phantom 3 can shoot 4K and full HD video
The Phantom 3 can shoot 4K and full HD video

There’s also Auto Return Home so the craft can return to take off point as well as a Failsafe so the Phantom 3 can return to take off point if it detects a critically low battery or loses its connection to the remote control.

The Phantom 3 will be available in Australia in the coming weeks and will be priced from $1,550 for the Advanced Model and from $1,950 for the Professional version.