Modern technology gives us many things.

New DJI Copilot and Fast SSD drives are designed to save your data on the go


Seagate has just released the new Lacie DJI Copilot – it’s an external hard drive that allow you to save, view, organise and manage files on the go without your laptop.

Also unveiled was the Seagate Fast SSD that is perfect for personal and portable storage with capacities up to 2TB.


Lacie’s DJI Copilot has 2TB capacity and is part of the BOSS series – Backup On-Set Solution – it has an SD card slot and a USB port to copy files directly from drones, cameras and other devices when you’re on location, on the set or on the move.

Also onboard is a status screen which can let you know when the transfer is complete and how much space you have left on the drive.

Users can connect their phone or tablet to the drive via USB and launch the companion app to playback video, rename files and delete the ones you don’t want then and there rather than having to wait to get back to your desk.

And the DJI Copilot is built tough with a rugged construction that can handle drops, dust and the odd splash.

The unit can even be used to charge your mobile device through its own internal rechargeable battery.

SEAGATE FAST SSD – $189 (250GB), $269 (500GB), $569 (1TB)

The Seagate Fast SSD has a sleek design and is designed to go wherever you go.

It is lightweight but also sturdy and shock resistant so can easily handle the day-to-day bumps and scrapes.

And it’s called fast for a reason – the internal solid state drive (SSD) can offer read/write speeds of up to 540/500 MB per second.

Right out of the box is compatible with PCs and Macs and connects via USB-C and also includes a Type C to Type A cable as well.

There is also a built-in sync feature as well which uses backup and folder mirroring software so your target folder will always be backed up with the latest changes.