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BuhoCleaner Review: Keep Your Mac Clean and Fast


BuhoCleaner is designed to help you keep your Mac clean and running smoothly. It does this by scanning the system for unnecessary files, caches, logs, and other items that take up space or slow down your computer.

When it finds something, Buho will describe what it does and ask if you want to delete it. If so, click “delete” and watch as the file disappears from view.

Introducing BuhoCleaner for Mac:

Let’s face it; Mac machines can get slow and unresponsive, sometimes due to a clogged hard drive. This issue can be fixed with a good Mac cleaner. BuhoCleaner is one of the best cleaners for Mac right now, which you can also buy the application in the device to clean the Mac at a faster pace.

Flash Clean

One of the best features of BuhoCleaner is that it can be used to delete all useless files, including cache, cookies, logs, and trash. It also speeds up your Mac by clearing its memory. This feature alone makes this cleaning tool a must-have for every Mac user. This is the major reason you must download the Buho cleaner app to remove all the useless files from the device.

Complete App Uninstall

BuhoCleaner cannot only uninstall apps completely but also remove any associated files. This means that you don’t have to worry about the space taken up by apps like Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, or Dropbox, which store data on your Mac after they are uninstalled. It will ensure all of this data is removed, leaving no trace behind on your system for maximum efficiency and performance. 

Large and Duplicate Files Removal

In this section, BuhoCleaner will help you find and remove all kinds of junk from your Mac. You can choose what types of files or folders you want to be deleted. It is effortless to use, so beginners won’t have trouble with it at all. You can choose which folders you wish to search, delete all files more significant than a specific file size or files that are older than X days.

Startup Items Management

Specific programs are automatically configured to start operating when you switch on your computer once you install them. This means they consume your CPU and RAM even when they aren’t needed, decelerating your Mac even more. This feature makes BuhoCleaner the best Mac cleaner app for improving your system performance. You can free up loads of disk space by deleting apps that automatically start at login and clean junk files such as language packages, logs, and caches.


A single license of BuhoCleaner costs just $19.99. When opposed to other applications that do comparable duties, this is a bargain. Furthermore, you will not be charged for an upgrade; once you purchase a license, you will have limitless upgrades for the rest of your life. For Mac programmers who will profit from the Xcode cache cleaner, BuhoCleaner is also suggested.

The Bottom Line

BuhoCleaner is an excellent app for keeping your Mac clean and fast. It’s easy to use with many options available, including scheduling automatic cleaning tasks over time intervals. BuhoCleaner has three main features: Clean-up Junk Files, Optimize System Performance by Detecting Duplicate Folders/Files & Low Disk Space Alerts, Keep Your Privacy Safe with App Uninstallation Detection & Safari History Removal. These are valuable tools that can benefit any user looking to keep their drive free of junk files while optimizing performance on their system.