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4 Tips For Implementing Social Learning In Your Company’s Employee Training Processes


Employee training is one of the most crucial aspects of the hiring process. Whenever a new employee joins your company, they may expect many benefits from your organization. The first one in general cases can be a comprehensive employee training process that guides them through your company’s culture and how they can give their best at work assigned to them.

And yes, you may even have a good employee training program prepared. But are you making use of social learning to enhance it?

In this post, we are talking about how you can do that for the best results. So, stay here and read on.

1. Gamify Your Content

Talk about social learning, and you can’t ignore the fact that gamification and social learning go hand-in-hand.

Basically, if you succeed at smartly gamifying your training program’s content, you will be encouraging your employees/learners to indulge in a healthy competition with their fellow teammates.

This is the basic idea of social learning – making use of one’s social environment/circle for boosting their learning focus and efficiency.

So, whether you do it by introducing rewards or by creating points tables, try to gamify your company’s employee training process. It’ll surely help you unlock the power of social learning.

2. Encourage Senior Employees to Participate in The Training Process

If you use the idea smartly, the seniors in your company can turn out to be the strongest pillars of the social learning process.

Think about it, your company’s senior employees would have earned a lot of experience over all the years that they’ve been working with your enterprise or their previous jobs. Plus, this experience would have earned them a lot of knowledge that can be extremely useful for your new employees.

So, if you can manage to get your senior employees to participate in the training program, your company’s new employees will get a good chance to acquire a lot of knowledge from them.

3. Create an Experts’ Section

Here’s another trick for utilizing your company’s senior employees’ knowledge.

By adding an experts’ section to your eLearning course, you will be showcasing your company’s most valuable talents, plus encouraging younger hires to learn from them.

Yes, the benefits sound similar to the previous point. But what’s the harm in that? The tip is different and will help you enhance your company’s informal learning processes. So count this in.

4. Take Feedback and Take It Seriously

Being able to encourage your learners against your eLearning course is another art that you must learn about.

Many of your company’s employees may neglect feedback forms assuming they won’t matter. For the right improvements, you must make sure that no such message is sent out. And to do that, you will have to make sure that every single feedback message is read, understood and taken into consideration.

So, don’t go easy on the feedback. It’s one of the most important parts of creating and running an employee training program, and it can seriously help improve your training program’s overall performance.

Final words

While it’s crucial to incorporate adequate social learning methods into your company’s employee training program, it can often appear as a challenge. However, following the right tips and techniques can help.

In this post, we talked about four such tips that you can simply use for enhancing your company’s training process. Hopefully, this was helpful. Stay in touch for more such content.