Modern technology gives us many things.

3 Reasons to Hire an IT Solutions Company before Upgrading Corporate Technology


The average lifespan of technology is around 4.5 years. That means when this time is gone, you’ll need to acquire new machines for your employees.

The reason is not only to make them feel good, but most devices will not run on new software that is incompatible with the old hardware.

Because of this, and many other reasons, it’s wise to upgrade or entirely replace your computers and other electronics in the company after a couple of years. If more than five years have passed, then be sure that you must do it.

The main benefit is staying competitive in the business and providing an equal chance to your employees in the battle with the rest of the employees working at your competitors. For example, digital graphic designers can’t work on the same software used in 2016. Things are changed, and you need new models.

Most companies will hire an IT consultant when they purchase new technology or upgrade the existing one. There are more reasons why they’ll do this, and if you’re not aware of why everyone’s doing it, we’re here to help you. We will explain in three key points why you need to hire an IT solutions company when you’re upgrading your office technology. Keep up and see more on this.

1. You’ll save a lot of money by choosing the right items

Company owners or IT managers will often spend a fortune on new machines without worrying about how much this will cost. They might feel like they are having a good year or always have an unlimited budget, so they don’t worry about the detail of money.

If you’re running a medium-sized company and have, let’s say, 60 employees, the upgrade might cost you a true fortune. You may spend more than 100 grand on new computers and electronics if you don’t mind. On the other hand, if you pay some attention, this amount can be significantly lower.

A good IT solutions consultant will come to your office, inspect all machines, and see what needs to be replaced. When they make a list, they’ll suggest the best solution. Their solution may differ from the above price by more than 50%, so you understand that it is worth hiring them.

2. You can acquire exactly what all employees need separately

The IT consultant will inspect every computer separately. Together with the list of employees using particular computers, they can create configurations that will be best for the job. You don’t need the same machine for the content writer and the architect who uses extremely complex technology.

Most bosses will get everyone the same computer or laptop, but this is completely wrong. They all come up with the idea based on equality and equal rights, but you can’t expect everyone to do their jobs with the same tools. You don’t get the contractors a pen but a sledgehammer.

It’s the same with different positions in your company. You must get the precisely adequate machine for everyone working inside. You don’t need to buy the Office suite from Microsoft for the graphic designers, but you sure need it for the content writers.

3. You’ll get the right technology

As a business owner, you’re skilled and experienced in many fields. You’re probably more versatile than anyone in your company, but when it comes to computers and modern technology, you can’t say that you’re the best.

Everyone needs help here and there. You need someone that will create the right configuration for everyone working for you, and you must entrust someone else to get the job done because you’ll only guess what’s best for the people working with you.

An IT solutions company is professional in everything connected to information technologies. That means they are the guys you must ask about what’s best on the market right now, what to avoid, and what has proven wrong for those who acquired it. Hiring IT consultants will give you the ease of mind and help you make the right moves in a particular industry – IT in this case.


With an unlimited budget, everything’s easy to be done. However, not all of us are in such a position. Some businesses are not growing as fast to have the chance to get whatever they want without worrying about repercussions. Most SMEs will mind the pricing and amount of machines bought.

If you’re in a similar position, the best idea is to hire an IT consultant or agency to cover the problem. Go through these three points from above to understand why this person or a team of people can be so valuable to your organization. With their help, you’ll get the best equipment possible and help your team be happy and thrive.