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How you can protect yourself from the growing number of credit card skimmers


Real-life pickpockets can take your cash and your belongings without you even knowing it. Electronic pickpockets can do the same thing – steal your money by skimming your credit card – a crime that’s costing Australians billions of dollars

They don’t even have to get as close as a real pickpocket – your credit cards can be skimmed from up to 20m away – and without you even knowing it’s happening.

Tap and Go and PayWave technology makes it even easier for criminals to steal your money.

And, unfortunately, it’s on the rise. The Australian Payments Network says there’s been a 13 per cent increase in card skimming.

But the good news is you can protect yourself from these thieves with products from TravelGuard.

The global skimming statistics, provided by KPMG, are alarming.

There are 3,300 credit card skimming attempts per second, 198,000 per minute and a staggering 11,880,000 per hour globally.


It’s popular because, as these numbers indicate, it’s a lucrative business for criminals.

Protection starts with the original TravelGuard ($29.95) – as credit card sized product you can leave in your wallet to keep all the cards in your wallet safe.

Each of TravelGuard’s products create a protective field that can block the chip details of your cards and your passport.

The TravelGuard technology is activated when it detects a threat and creates a protective barrier.

TravelGuard’s products have been independently tested and certified by both Australian and UK authorities.

We tested the TravelGuard technology ourselves with a PayPass terminal. We held a TravelGuard next to our credit card and tried to scan it but nothing would happen because of the e-field being generated.

And the range of products extends beyond just a card.

There are also passport holders, a Koolcase Universal RFID Phone Holder and an RFID Pod Wallet/Purse.

The TravelGuard Passport Holder ($34.95) has built-in protection for your passport and several credit cards.

Why let a criminal ruin your holiday? With the TravelGuard Passport Holder – your money and identity are safe.

The Koolcase Universal RFID phone holder ($59.95) can fit any smartphone inside using a Velcro system.

TravelGuard's Complete Traveler Pack
TravelGuard’s Complete Traveler Pack – has two card, two passport holders and a universal phone case

Your smartphone fits inside and you can slide the device up to clear your lens above the edge of the case to take a photo.

And it can also protect your device if you drop it and you can also talk on the phone with the cover closed.

TravelGuard’s RFID Pod Wallet/Purse ($34.95) has enough room for your cards and your cash and provides protection from credit card skimmers at the same time.

Not only can credit card skimmers fleece your money – it’s also an easy way to find and possibly steal your identity.

The other target for skimmers are hotel room keys. It’s possible for a criminal to scan tourist hotel card keys and then replicate them and clean out your room while you’re out for the day.

The TravelGuard 6-Pack - includes four cards and two passport holders
The TravelGuard 6-Pack – includes four cards and two passport holders

Skimmer have their bandwidths set at 13.56Hz – the same as every credit card and eftpos machine in the world.

The range from which the skimmer can target someone depends on the strength of their skimmer which emits radio waves to their credit cards.

TravelGuard has created two special value packs for Tech Guide readers which you access through this link including the Complete Traveler Pack ($149) which includes two TravelGuard cards, two passport holders and a Universal Phone case and the 6 Pack ($99) which includes four TravelGuard cards and two passport holders.