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How you can install macOS High Sierra on your Mac today


If you own a Mac and don’t want to wait months for the new macOS High Sierra operating system you can take part in Apple ‘s Public Beta program and install the software today.

macOS High Sierra builds on last year’s macOS Sierra with new features and refinements to make your Mac more reliable, more capable and faster.

The updates and improvements include:

– Re-architecture of the way your Mac stores data with the new Apple File System

– HEVC – a new industry video standard which compress video 40 per cent more than H.264 which is especially useful with the rising popularity of 4K.

– VR development toolkit to create virtual reality experiences for the Mac


– Photos has been improved with better organisation and editing.

– Intelligent Tracking Prevention to prevent your searches and online behaviour tracking you across the internet.

– Faster Safari browser to surf the web and stream content even quicker.

– Improved Mail with features to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.


Here’s what you need to do to join Apple’s macOS High Sierra Public Beta Program.

  1. Go to to enroll your device.
  2. Back up your Mac before you install the beta software.
  3. Download and Install the Public Beta Access utility on your Mac.
  4. View the Public Beta in the Mac App Store and install it.

Apple has warned customers that this beta software in still in development so some applications and services may not work.


It is advisable to install the macOS High Sierra Public Beta on a secondary Mac.

During the program, there will be periodic updates before you are able to update to the final version that will be available to customers.


If you do find issues with the beta version there is a built-in Feedback Assistant so you can report them to Apple.