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Bed specialists AH Beard launch new tech devices to help you sleep better


Bed specialists AH Beard have launched a range of non-wearable sleep tech products that can give us insights into our sleep habits and use that information to help us get a better night’s sleep.

We all know sleep is important yet it’s the first thing that suffers when we’re busy. In fact, 40 per cent of Australians don’t get enough sleep.

Sleep experts says sleep is one of the vital pillars of our life along with exercise and nutrition which affects our ability to think and learn, affect our mood and behaviour and even our weight.

Australia company AH Beard, a leading manufacturer of quality bedding, has launched three new sleep tracking products that work hand in hand with the free AHB Sleep Tracker app.

These include the RestOn Sleep Tracker, the Nox Smart Sleep Light and the Sleep Dot Mini Sleep tracker.

According to AH Beard’s research, 86 per cent of people don’t want to sleep with a wearable which is why the company came up with these products.



The RestOn Sleep Tracker is a non-wearable strap that slides into your compatible AH Beard mattress or just placed under your sheet.

The device can monitor your sleep cycle, heart rate, respiratory rate and body movements with up to 96 per cent accuracy and analyses that data to calculate your nightly sleep score.


These results can be viewed on your smartphone, along with personalised tips and advice, through the AHB Sleep Tracker app.

It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that will last about 30 days before it needs recharging.



This sleep light can produce more than 16 million different colours that can help you produce more melatonin – your body’s natural sleep hormone.

And not only can it help you fall to sleep – it can also gently wake you up with a simulation of the changing colours of the sunrise until you’re fully awake.


It can be used in conjunction with the AH Beard RestOn Sleep Tracker as it monitors your slumber and track your sleep cycle so it can wake you up during your lightest sleep within 30 minutes before the time you set yourself to be woken.

The Nox can also produce soothing sounds to help you get to sleep faster.

There are also sensors onboard that can monitor temperature, humidity, light and noise in your bedroom.



This a miniature version of the RestOn Sleep tracker. The small disc can be attached to your pillow so it can track your sleep quality and movement and then receive the information through the ABH Sleep Tracker app.

The products are available now from Harvey Norman, Forty Winks and Domayne.