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Presto slashes price on unlimited movie streaming service


presto2Presto, the new entertainment streaming service, has slashed the price on its new “all you can eat” flat rate movie subscription service.

Powered by Foxtel, Presto offers an on-demand movie service that can be streamed to computers, tablets and to your TV via the new Google Chromecast.

The service now costs a flat rate of $9.99 per month ongoing, down from $19.99 per month, but with no lock in contract.

Once you’re registered you can stream as many movies per month as you like.

The movies available to stream are recent blockbusters usually a few months behind the new releases along with a library of classics and past favourites.

Some of the films available to view on Presto this month include Man of Steel, Captain Phillips, About Time, Pacific Rim, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 and The Conjuring.

Presto provides access to a streaming music service that can be viewed on tablets, computers and streamed to TVs using Google's Chromecast

Presto also aggregates titles into different categories to help viewers find a movie they want to watch.

These are grouped by either actor or genre or listed with other movies they’ve got a lot in common with like settings, themes and subject matter.

Users can also access new release films that can be rented for $5.99 each.

All of the movies stream on Presto are standard definition and ad-free and can be accessed anywhere within Australia wherever you can connect to the internet.

Android users can also access the Presto service through the dedicated app.

The latest movies available to view on Presto this month

It is not possible to stream movies through an Apple TV to your television but Google’s new Chromecast allows viewers to cast their content from their mobile device or computer to their television.

Movies are never downloaded to your device but streamed in much the same way videos are viewed on YouTube.

It should be remembered Presto is a streaming service so whether you’re watching at home or on the move on your computer or tablet, it does mean you are using your data allowance to view the film.

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