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Fetch rolls out major update to make finding your content faster and easier

Fetch has rolled out a major update to its user interface which is designed to help viewers find new movies and TV shows to watch and pick up where they left off on other programs no matter where that content is located.

Tech Guide was given early access to the Fetch 3.30 Acacia update which will start rolling out to customers with the Fetch Mighty and Fetch Mini 4K from this week.

How can you tell if your Fetch TV box has been updated? You’ll know you’ve had the update when you see the home screen menu at the bottom of the screen.

This update offers a new look and feel to the interface, but it does make it a lot easier to navigate the menus and puts even more content and viewing options at your fingertips.

Fetch not only provides a TV tuner so you can watch free-to-air TV but it’s also a PVR so you can record programs as well.

But Fetch TV also offers so much more.

Users can also purchase channels packs from just $6 a month to watch premium channels like Discovery, ESPN, Nickelodeon, BBC Earth and much, much more.

It’s where you can buy and rent the latest movie and TV shows from the Fetch store as well as access hundreds of free movies from the Movie Box.

Fetch is also a central platform for users to access in one place all their streaming services like Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Paramount+, Prime, BritBox and YouTube.

All these features were available before the 3.30 update, but the new interface brings them all together and makes them even easier to access and aggregate.

It will cut down the time you take to find something to watch as well as reduce the times you need to jump in and out of apps to continue a show or find something new.

The new features and updates make the new Fetch TV interface is even smarter than a smart TV.

The first thing you’ll notice with the 3.30 update is the new home screen which now runs along the bottom of the screen so you can still see the live channel you’re watching.

Along this menu users can get to their own recordings and rented and purchased movies and TV shows in the My Stuff section, access the Guide, browse Shows and Movies, access streaming Apps and see what’s happening in the world of Sports.


In this section you can continue watching shows and movies you’ve already engaged with and see new episodes and seasons of your favourites.

This also extends to the streaming apps you’ve signed into so you can pick up where you left off or discover news shows from that service.

My Stuff is also where you can find all your recordings.


From here viewers can see what’s on and what’s coming next on the free-to-air channels and the premium channels.

A new feature called On Now is a personalised feature that shows the channels you usually watch at that time of day.

You can also use the Guide to set reminders, plan recordings and record entire series of TV shows.


This is where the Fetch TV box gathers all your TV show options across streaming apps and catch-up apps based on what you’ve watched.

There are also different genres to browse including reality TV, documentaries, news and kids shows.

When you select a show you’re presented with an impressive information page showing all the ways you can watch the show whether it’s free without ads, free with ads or if a subscription or purchase is required.

If the show is available on a service you’re already subscribed to it will prioritise that selection and put higher quality versions (4K above HD) further up the list.

This section will even summarise where you can see the various seasons of that particular program as well.


When it’s movie night, the new Fetch TV 3.30 update will make the task of finding what to watch a whole lot easier.

At first glance you’ll see new movies from channels, streaming services, the Movie Store and Movie Box. It all on one screen.

When you dive into a title there are even more details about the movie including resolution, sound quality and even critics and Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Like TV Shows, it will also tell you where and how you can watch it across your subscription services, channels and the Movie Store and Movie Box.

It will prioritise where you can watch it for free and the highest quality.


In this menu you can see at a glance the trending shows on your subscription streaming services along with the highlights on the free-to-air catch up apps.

The apps are ordered based on the ones you watch most so there’s no need to jump in and out of apps and menus.


Sports fans will never miss a match with the ability to browse sport content in one place which can then link viewers to the events that are showing live events on channels and streaming apps.