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Rode launches compact and versatile VideoMic GO II for content creators


Rode has released a new on-camera microphone, the VideoMic GO II, a compact and lightweight shotgun microphone that is built for today’s content creators.

The new Rode VideoMic GO II offers impressive sound quality while keeping it as a simple plug and play device.

Under the hood is a new acoustic design that was first seen with the VideoMic NTG and NTG 5 shotgun microphones to offer rich full-bodied sound.

Also on board is a 3.5-mm TRS output so it can be used with cameras and USB-C output to use with smartphones tablets and computers

And it’s also a featherweight weighing in it at just 89g and quite compact at just 15cm long so it’s no effort to take it with you wherever you’re shooting.

There are no batteries or charging required and no other switches or controls that can confuse users.

The Rode VideoMic GO II is also compatible with the Rode apps so you can access features, achieve powerful audio processing with studio quality recording on any device.

The new VideoMic GO II utilises the companies annular line tube technology to produce unmatched transparency and full-bodied sound.

And the versatile product runs off plug in or USB power which means there are no batteries that need to be charged.

The VideoMic GO II is suitable for a range of users regardless of the device you’re using whether it’s a corporate video, content for TikTok recorded on a smartphone or a podcast recorded on a laptop.

The VideoMic GO II from Rode is also fully compatible with Rode Connect, the company’s free podcasting and streaming software.

Users can connect to four Rode VideoMic GO IIs along with other compatible Rode microphones to be connected to a computer with complete control over the microphone’s input level, access to the high-pass filter as well as high frequency boost and a pad for sound effects and musical stings.

For those looking to record quality audio on a mobile device, the VideoMic GO II can be used with the Rode Reporter app on iOS and Android devices.

The Rode VideoMic GO II connects to the Rode Reporter using its USB audio output which certainly makes it one of the most versatile microphones on the market.

“When we released the VideoMic NTG in 2019, we completely revolutionised on-camera audio, as we have been doing for well over a decade,” says RODE CEO Damien Wilson.

“With its highly innovative acoustic design and USB recording capabilities, it pushed the boundaries of what a compact shotgun mic was capable of.

“Not only was it ideal for on-camera use, but it also became a go-to for mobile content creators, an excellent portable recording solution for podcasters and streamers, and a do-it-all microphone for filmmakers.

“The VideoMic GO II combines these same features with the ultra-lightweight and easy-to-use form factor of the original VideoMic GO to offer a highly versatile yet approachable microphone ideal for a wide variety of creators, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The next generation of compact shotgun microphones has well and truly arrived, and once again, RODE is leading the charge.”

The Rode VideoMic GO II is available now and is priced at $149.