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Hear the TV better then ever with Sennheiser’s TV Clear earphones and transmitter


If you’re struggling to hear your TV, then you’ll need to check out the new Sennheiser TV Clear which offers the comfort and style of true wireless earbuds and includes a dedicated transmitter.

Sennheiser TV Clear connects via Bluetooth to any TV with optical or analogue inputs through the transmitter and wirelessly connects to the earphones.

They can also be used to make and receive calls on your smartphone.

What makes these ideal for TV viewing is the dedicated transmitter which ensures low latency – that means what you’re hearing matches what you’re seeing on the television.

For example, the words you’re hearing matches the people’s lips moving on the screen.

Sennheiser’s TV Clear offers five speech clarity levels with up to 20dB high frequency amplification so dialogue will be crystal clear.

It’s also possible to set your own preferred volume level on the earbuds themselves independently from that of the TV or the audio source that you’re listening to through the transmitter.

And others can still hear the programme through the televisions speakers at a sound level that’s comfortable for them.

And like regular true wireless earphone, Sennheiser TV Clear also includes Ambient Awareness so you can hear external sounds while you’re wearing the earbuds.

Or you can switch that off and enjoy more privacy.

The TV Clear offers multiple device connectivity so it can link to TVs via the transmitter and connect wirelessly to devices with Bluetooth including televisions, tablets and smartphones.

But for TV viewing, the transmitter’s low latency streaming technology keeps the audio and video in perfect sync to enhance your viewing experience.

The earbuds themselves weigh just 6.9g so they are comfortable to wear even for those binge-watch sessions.

They are also designed for a secure fit and come with your selection of ear tips and fins so they can stay in place whether you prefer to sit back or lie down while watching your favourite programs.

There is also a TV Clear companion app that allows users to customise the settings and customise the touch controls.

And if you misplace them, the app also has a Find My Earbuds function so you can quickly locate them.

On the battery side, Sennheiser TV Clear offers up to 15 hours of listening on a single charged when used with the transmitter.

The earbuds can be stored and recharged using the included charging case which offers a further 22 hours of power for a combined total of 37 hours of viewing.

The Sennheiser TV Clear, which includes the earbuds, charging case and the transmitter, will be available in the coming months for $619.95.