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Amazon reveals Oasis – the lightest and thinnest Kindle e-reader ever


Amazon has just unveiled its thinnest and lightest ever Kindle e-reader – the Oasis – which has been completely redesigned to deliver an even richer and more convenient reading experience.

The device weighs just 131g and is just 3.4mm thick at its thinnest point – that’s 30 per cent thinner on average and more than 20 per cent lighter than any other Kindle the company has produced.

What makes the Oasis so lightweight is its polymer frame construction which is plated with metal so it is not only light but strong as well.

The new Kindle also has an ergonomic grip which shifts the centre of gravity to your palm like the spine of a real book and this enables easier one-handed reading.


A built-in accelerometer can also detect whether you’re holding the device in your left hand or right hand and automatically rotates the page and page turn buttons to match.

Readers can turn the page through the touchscreen or the physical buttons on the product.

Also onboard the new Kindle Oasis is the next generation Paperwhite display with a high resolution of 300ppi (pixels per inch) so the text is sharp and clear.


There are now 60 per cent more LEDs in the display to maintain consistent brightness in all conditions.

The new Paperwhite display is actually as thin as a sheet of aluminium foil but still rugged enough to handle daily use thanks to chemically reinforced cover glass.


On the battery side, the Kindle Oasis has a new dual battery system with a battery in the device and also in the custom cover which is activated as soon as it is magnetically attached.

A new hibernation mode means readers can minimise the Kindle’s power use even further so you can literally enjoy months of reading between charges.


The new Kindle Oasis goes on sale later this month for $449 and is available to pre-order from or

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