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Alcatel firms up third place in smartphone market after huge growth in 2015


Alcatel, the brand that provides quality smartphones and tablets at affordable prices, has consolidated its the third place in the Australian smartphone market behind giants like Samsung and Apple.

Formerly Alcatel OneTouch and now simply known as Alcatel, company enjoyed a remarkable 70 per cent growth in the final quarter of 2015 and now has about 10 per cent of the local market share.

According to figures by independent analysts IDC, Alcatel took out the third place in smartphones sales by volume and second in feature handsets for an overall third position in handsets in Australia.

These improvements are the result of strong sales of the Telstra Essential Tablet, the Idol 3 smartphone – the $379 5.5-inch Android device that offers high-end features at a bargain price – and the Quattro 4G smartphone sold through Boost.

Before Christmas 2015, Alcatel had 21 devices in the market at various prices points starting as low as $99.

The Alcatel Idol 4
The Alcatel Idol 4

And there are even better Alcatel devices on their way with the Idol 4 and Idol 4S smartphones set to take on the big brands when they are released in the coming months.

Tech Guide had a hands-on look at the Idol 4 at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“2015 was a game-changing year for Alcatel both locally and abroad. The market’s Q4 results reflect that we are clearly but aggressively growing whilst always ensuring that we deliver technology that makes sense to mass market consumers, from design through to affordability”, said Sam Skontos, Vice President and Managing Director, ALCATEL Pacific and Singapore.

“Our ongoing commitment to, and focus on the pre-paid segment of the market remains as strong as ever, and we head into 2016 with an impressive portfolio of products and complementary brand activity across music, lifestyle and sport.

“Such activity will continue to bring the brand to life and give Australian consumers meaningful opportunities to engage with our brand.”

Globally, Alcatel is the fifth brand with an eye on fourth spot in the US and number two in Latin America.