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Australian-made reusable Uppercup can help coffee lovers save the environment


Australians love a takeaway coffee but our caffeine addiction could be causing a problem with disposable coffee cups seen as a major pollution hazard. The answer is a reusable cup like the Australian-made Uppercup.

Disposable coffee cups are considered to be the second largest category of litter waste after plastic water bottles, according to the ABC.

Australians contribute more than a billion disposable coffee cups to landfill every year.

These are made with unknown plastics, cardboards and materials that can have a real impact on the environment.

Most of the cardboard disposable coffee cups are often sourced overseas and often contain an insulated thin plastic coating that is not biodegradable.

Uppercup is designed and manufactured in Melbourne and offers a smart and stylish answer to waste management.

The reusable cup is made of high-quality polyester plastic, is BPA and BPS free and offers a durable glass-like feel that has no odour and is stain resistant as well as dishwasher safe.


It is completely recyclable and can really help you make a contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Using an Uppercup instead of the regular disposable for your coffee will help minimise visual and physical pollution and conserve resources.

Uppercup is also barista friendly and features a conical bottom that’s designed to distribute liquid ratios evenly and produce a perfectly poured coffee every time.


The Uppercup also fits precisely in espresso machines and comes with a rotating clip on lid so you can drink on the go without spilling it.

And the double insulated walls also keeps your beverage warmer for longer.


You can even write on the side for convenient café ordering.

The Uppercup is available in two sizes – small and large – which are priced at $22 and $25 respectively.

They are also available in a range of colours – clear cup with pink, black or white lid or a black cup.


321Water is the company behind Uppercup – it is a small female led business that is focused on locally manufacturing products that are eco-and sustainable.

The company designs, operates and manufactures in Melbourne and supports Australian small businesses and jobs.


321Water’s goal is to eradicate single-use products and the Uppercup is a great example.