Keeping your smartphone clean is as important as washing your hands

We’ve heard a lot of instructions on how to wash your hands to avoid catching or spreading coronavirus but we should be paying just as much attention to cleaning our smartphone screens.

Research has shown the COVID-19 virus can survive for up to nine days on some surfaces including your smartphone’s screen.

We touch our phones thousands a times a day and also bring it up to our face, mouth and nose when we’re making and receiving calls.

Other studies have shown our smartphones carry 10 times more germs than a toilet seat which it picks up from surfaces, from your hands and the hands of others.

So right about now you’re thinking – how the hell can I clean this electronic petri dish?

There are a lot of ways to clean it – and also other ways that can damage the device so be careful.

There are number of cleaning kits available come with a microfibre cleaning cloth, device cleaning wipes and cleaning solutions.


These are made to clean smartphones and tablets and use ingredients that won’t harm your device.

Don’t go rubbing dish washing detergent and hand sanitiser on your phone because it can strip coatings off your display and also get inside the phone and damage it.

A microfibre cloth is also a cheap and easy way to keep your device’s screen clean.

There are also single use wipes that users can purchase so they can carry them around in their pocket.

Do NOT use: window or household cleaners, aerosol spray cleaners, bleach and abrasive powders.

So how can we keep our smartphones cleaner?

The most germs you’re going to encounter is on public transport but the first thing we reach for when we sit down on a bus or train is our smartphone.

After touching all the railings, poles and seats you’re then going to scroll your smartphone screen.

If you can resist scrolling your phone screen on public transport it would vastly reduce the amount of germs on the screen.

If you can also avoid taking your phone into the bathroom that will also cut down the germ level of your phone screen.

More than 75 per cent of people admit to using their phone in the toilet.

We also use our smartphones while we’re in the gym and exercising.

If your phone is in an armband or in your pocket there will be less germs that will transfer from the screen to your face the next time you use it.

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