Australian among the winners of the 2018 iPhone Photography Awards

An Australian is among the winners of the 2018 iPhone Photography Awards – the first and longest running competition that celebrates the creativity of iPhone photographers.

Glenn Holman won first place in the Abstract section for his shot of some cardboard scraps caught at just the right angle by the sunlight.

Holman, from Brisbane, has been shooting on an iPhone since the release of the iPhone 4 back in 2010.

His award-winning image was captured using an iPhone X.

“I have always dabbled with photography and always loved it, but it wasn’t until iPhone came out that I found it fit like a glove,” he said.

“Being able to take my iPhone everywhere and jump on moments when the opportunity came up just works.”

Glen Holman’s award winning Abstract photo of cardboard scraps shot with an iPhone X

Holman has also some tips on how to take better pictures with the iPhone:

— I love to use the 2x optical zoom of the iPhone X. It allows me to concentrate on details, and to create compositions with less clutter and with natural straight lines.

— I would recommend using the panoramic mode on the iPhone without reservation. The results are fantastic. Even in urban environments. Don’t forget it can be used vertically as well. Locking the exposure on the brightest part of the image produces the best results.

— I almost always make use of the HDR mode. This mode gives amazing, natural results that can save a lot of editing later. Skies and clouds benefit the most.

— It pays to underexpose your image. It is much easier to  bring some details out of the shadows and darker areas of the image, than to save the highlights. This can easily be done with the built-in editor, or with Apps such as Snapseed.

— If possible, spend as much time as you can photographing any particular thing. It can sometimes take a while for the most interesting aspects of a place/object to reveal themselves to the viewer/photographer.

The Apple 2018 iPhone Photography Awards included categories in Architecture, Animals, Portraits, Children, Floral, Landscapes, Panoramas, Still Life, Travel, Sunset, News Events, Nature and Life Style.

Jashim Salam, from Bangladesh, was named iPhone Photographer of the Year for his image of displaced children watching a film about sanitation and health in a refugee camp.

All of the winners and placegetters in the 2018 iPhone Photography Awards can be seen here.

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