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Samsung launches Family Hub 6.0 smart fridge with new software and features


Samsung has unveiled the latest model of its French Door Fridge range –  the updated 9000 Series Family Hub 6.0 with new software to make it even smarter along with innovative new features.

Family Hub 6.0 is on sale now from leading retailers  is designed with busy families in mind and brings both innovation and style for your kitchen.

The smart refrigerator’s large touchscreen allows users to do a variety of things from accessing recipes and meal plans, ordering groceries that are delivered to your door through the accessing apps, listening to music and even watching TV while you’re in the kitchen.

On the outside the fridge has had a makeover and is now available in stylish black and accentuated by recessed handles and a flat floor door design to give it a premium and stylish look with a fingerprint-resistant finish.

There have also been changes on the inside with a new innovative Beverage Centre with Autofill Infuser Jug and a water dispenser located inside the door to make sure there is always fresh cold drinking water whenever you need it.

There’s also a dual ice maker that can hold more than 3kg of regular ice cubes and small ice bites which can chill drinks faster on hot Australian summer days.

Inside the indoor metal cooling plate helps maintain optimal temperatures along with Triple Cooling to ensure your food stays fresher for longer while also preventing odours mixing between the fresh and frozen food compartments.

Those customer who already have Family Hub 2.0 through to 5.0 will receive the 6.0 software update with upgraded features in the coming weeks.

Pricing and Availability

The 9000 Series Family Hub French Door Fridge is available now and priced at:

9700 Model – $5,999

9300 Model – $4,999

Key features of Family Hub 6.0 include:


– Family Board – The Family Board allows families to utilise the 21.5-inch touchscreen to share photos and video clips, post stickers, draw pictures, type or hand-write notes, share schedules and website links.

– Calendar – Check the schedules of family members at a glance, and keep everyone organised via the Calendar app


– View Inside – See what’s inside the fridge when at the supermarket or out and about via a compatible smartphone. The three built-in cameras take a snap every time the fridge is opened and then closed.

– Shopping List to Cart – The Shopping List App ensures families will never forget what they need at the supermarket. Add items to the list with a touch or voice command. You can even add items to the cart of your Woolworths online order.

– Meal Planner – Remove the chore of having to pick what’s for dinner and let Family Hub™ do the hard work. The Meal Planner app provides access to thousands of free recipes that are sure to keep everyone satisfied and household organised.

– Smart Recipes App – Cook food your family loves. The Recipes app provides delicious recipes that you will like, together with simple instructions.


– SmartView – Turn your fridge into a TV, through SmartView, and the ability to sync your Samsung Smart TV to the fridge via Bluetooth.

– Spotify and TuneIn Radio Apps – Through Spotify and TuneIn, families can enhance their cooking pleasure and entertain guests in the home by enjoying seamless music and non-stop entertainment.

– Internet Access – Through an embedded Internet browser app families can view online content on the home screen with ease.

Your Home

– Ring Doorbell App – Check who is at the door from your fridge with the Ring Doorbell Pro and Elite.

– Uber – Order and track your Uber ride for the night out directly from the Family Hub™ Fridge.