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Dog & Bone Wetsuit waterproof case can protect your iPhone 6


Just in time for summer, Australian company Dog and Bone has released the world’s first topless direct touch waterproof case for Apple’s new iPhone 6.

The Wetsuit has a triple layer of protection to allow users to take their iPhone 6 down to a depth of two metres.

But it’s not only waterproof – it’s also shockproof  and can handle a drop from a height of two metres.

Throw in the fact its snowproof and dustproof and you’ll see the Dog and Bone Wetsuit lets users take their iPhone 6 anywhere.


In fact, it has an IP68 rating which is the highest level of ingress protection from water and dust.

And the reason why it’s called topless is because there is no cover across the iPhone 6’s touchscreen so users can still have direct contact with the display.

But incredibly the device is still protected with the Dog and Bone case.


The iPhone 6 sits inside a silicone wetsuit – hence the name – and is then sealed top and bottom in the waterproof polycarbonate case.

Because of this dual sealing there is no need for an additional plastic membrane across the screen.

This creates a seal around the display so water will only touch the glass and not enter any further inside the case.


We tested the credentials of the Dog & Bone Wetsuit case with the iPhone 6 resting inside in our kitchen sink and weighed it down with a coffee cup.

And sure enough the Wetsuit did exactly what it said it would do.

Another impressive feature of the case is the fact that it’s pretty thin.

The iPhone 6 is noticeable thinner than the iPhone 5S so the Dog & Bone case doesn’t add too much bulk to the device. All up it’s about 13.8mm thick.

And all of the ports of the iPhone 6 and the camera are sealed and protected but can also still be easily accessed when you’re out of the water without having to remove the case.


Even the Touch ID sensor works through the Dog & Bone case so you can still unlock the iPhone with your fingerprint.

There are also speaker apertures so you can hear your music with the phone still inside the case.

So whether you’re at the beach, by the pool, swimming, water skiing or snorkelling you can now take your iPhone 6 with you thanks to the Dog & Bone Wetsuit case.

It is available now in black, silvertail and electric orange from along with mobile phone stores and other retailers and is priced at $79.95.