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Why Samsung’s new Pocket Patrol app could save your life


With summer almost here, we’ll be heading to the beach but there are many dangers we can’t see – until now. Samsung has released a new app called Pocket Patrol that could save your life.

Pocket Patrol, available from the Google Play Store, uses augmented reality to make it possible for swimmers to see exactly where the rip currents are located.

When looking through the Android device’s camera and panning it along the beach, Pocket Patrol places symbols above the trouble spots like rips, submerged rocks, shallow sandbanks and stingers.

So you can see what a trained surf lifesaver can see.

Research shows that 69 per cent of Australians can’t spot a rip current and, for tourists, that number is even higher.

Rips claim more lives on Australian beaches than shark attacks.


Samsung has launched a trial of the Pocket Patrol app on the Sunshine Coast with selected beaches showcasing the technology.

Samsung has developed the Pocket Patrol app in partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia with the goal of promoting safety on all Australian beaches.




At the moment Pocket Patrol is only available for Android users and can only be activated at the selected Sunshine Coast beaches where the trials are being held.