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Tech Guide takes a hands-on look at the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones


The Samsung Galaxy S20 range is really stretching the possibilities of what can be achieved with a smartphone with an even better pro-level camera and even bigger screens to access and enjoy content on the move through 5G.

Tech Guide got its hands on the devices at the Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco.

The device comes in three screen sizes – 6.2-inch (S20), 6.7-inch (S20 Plus) and the huge 6.9-inch (S20 Ultra).

Samsung is giving customer choices here – not everyone wants a large device.

The S20 at 6.2-inch doesn’t feel too big in your hand thanks to the super thin bezels that gives you a larger display in a smaller space.

But our favourite was the S20 Ultra – we’ve always liked big screens.

And like the S20 the S20 Ultra also have really thin bezels in either edge of the screen to give it the impression of edgeless screen.

It is actually slightly larger than the Galaxy Note 10+.

As you would expect, the Galaxy S20 smartphones all have an impressive build quality and felt good in our hands.

The AMOLED Infinity O looks amazing – bright and sharp.

With screens this size your content is going pop and allow you to view your movies and videos comfortably.

But the other feature that will attract users is the camera system that offers features not seen before on a mobile device.

The cameras are capable of so much from helping you come up with some great images and videos to a zoom level we’ve never seen before on a smartphone.

You’ve got 64-megapixel telephoto cameras at your fingertips with the S20 and S20 Pkus and a stunning 108-megapixel wide angle camera on the S20 Ultra which is also capable of 100x zoom.

But that’s not even our favourite camera feature.

Our favourite is Single Take which solves the problem when you can’t decide if you want to shoot a video or take photos.

When you use Single Take – the camera captures a 10-second video and then presents you with 10 files of cropped images, mono image, slow motion video and a range of other shots so you’ve covered what you were shooting better than a tarpaulin.

You can even shoot 8K video and take our frames from the video so you end up with 33-megapixel stills.

With the S20 smartphones you’re not going to miss a thing.

With the feature set you’ve got with the S20 devices, Samsung is trying to futureproof the product.

One feature that will help do this is 5G.

All of the phones will have 5G variants and the S20 Ultra is only available in a 5G version.

Many people are saying 5G can hardly be found anywhere but that footprint will grow significantly in 2020.

With these devices customers have the option of getting onboard with 5G now.

5G will also bring other benefits like even more advanced mobile gaming, sharing 8K video on YouTube with the faster speeds and easily streaming your content anywhere.

The Samsung S20 smartphones go on sale on March 6.

We’re looking forward to getting it on our hand to use as our daily driver.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for our complete review.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Samsung