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Belkin releases new smart USB cable to see at a glance if your iPhone is charged


Belkin, one of the world’s leading consumer electronics accessories companies, has released the new BOOST CHARGE smart USB charging cable which can show users at a glance if their iPhone is fully charged.

The BOOST CHARGE cable uses a custom circuit board and proprietary firmware to communicate with the iPhone’s battery to display an amber light while still charging and a green light when charging is complete.

It is available in two versions – Lightning connector with USB-A and Lightning connector with USB-C.

The cables are compatible with all iPhones and is MFI-certified and can charge up to 12W using a wall or car charger.

Anyone with an iPhone 8 or later will also be able to charge from 0 to 50 per cent in 30 minutes when you combine the Belkin Smart LED cable with a PD (power delivery)-enabled USB-C charger.

The cables are manufactured with durable aircraft-grade aluminium overmold and double braided nylon exterior so they can handle daily use while maintaining their physical integrity.

“Belkin is a business built on delivering convenience and ease of use to consumers through high quality and well-designed innovations, and today’s launch of the BOOST CHARGE Smart Cable range brings this to life,” says Jamie Laing-Reece, Head of Product Management at Belkin ANZ.

“By adding the convenience of indicative lighting to an MFI-certified, highly durable cable that can be matched with a PD-enabled charger for fast charging, we continue to innovate in the cables category to add further convenience to the lives of our consumers.”

The cables are available in three colours – black, silver and grey.

The Belkin BOOST CHARGE Smart USB-A cable with Lightning connector is priced at $39.95 ($44.95NZ).

The Belkin BOOST CHARGE Smart USB-C cable with Lightning connector is priced at $44.95 ($49.95NZ).