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Amaysim adds even more data to its plans – but there is a catch


Amaysim has come out swinging and added even more data and international calling to its SIM only plans for customers who already own their smartphone – but there is a catch.

The company was trumpeting the fact that users would get even more data – up to 2GB extra – with no lock in contracts as well as unlimited calls from Australia to China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the UK and USA.

And while Amaysim clearly stated the new plans would now renew every 28 days instead of 30 days – it didn’t point out that by reducing the billing period by two days each month would add an extra billing period each year.

Before with 30-day billing periods that would add up to 12 billing cycles per year. If you do the math:

365 divided by 30 = 12.16

That’s 12 times in a year when you are billed by Amaysim.

But now, with the 28 billing period – here’s the equation.

365 divided by 28 = 13.03.

This means Amaysim gets a chance to charge you one extra time each calendar year for a total of 13 billing cycles.

So while Amaysim gives you extra data and international calls with one hand – it is charging you more money per year with the other hand.

That’s immediately going to improve Amaysim’s ARPU (average revenue per user).

The Unlimited 5GB and Unlimited 5GB Plus plans, with unlimited standard national calls and texts, will now have an extra 2GB of data – making them Unlimited 7GB ($39.90) and 7GB Plus ($44.90) now for 28 days instead of 30 days.

Costs on these plans per year have gone from $478.80 and $538.80 respectively per year to $518.70 and $583.70 per year.

The 7GB Plus plan includes an additional 300 minutes of standard international calls to 32 selected countries on top of the unlimited standard international calls to the selected 10 countries.

The Unlimited 8GB plan now includes an extra 1GB of data to become the Unlimited 9GB ($49.90) and went from $598.80 per year to $648.70 per year with the switch from a 30-day billing period to a 28-day period.

Also available is the 3GB Unlimited plan for $29.90 per 28 days and the Unlimited 1.5GB for $24.90.

These new plans will be available from March 31 with existing customers being automatically moved across when their plan next renews after this date.