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Why 80 per cent off NBN users decided to stick their current providers


When connecting to the NBN, users have the option to choose from many internet service provider but new research has revealed that four out of five customers stick with their pre-NBN ISP.

A survey by comparison site  among 1,235 NBN users showed that 80 per cent decided to stay put with their current provider.

Of the 20 per cent who did make the switch, 15 per cent did so because they found a better deal while five per cent were forced to change because their current provider did not provide an NBN service.

The most popular response came from 40 per cent of the research group who had compared other plans and decided to stay where they are.

But 21 per cent admitted it was just easier to stay with the same provider while nine per cent said they still had time left on their contract with their provider.

Yet nine per cent said they either didn’t know they could switch providers or didn’t understand the NBN which is why they stayed with their current provider.

“It seems fear of the unknown or sheer laziness means Aussies are staying with their current provider,” says Finder’s Angus Kidman.

“While many might think ‘better the devil you know’, the arrival of the NBN provides the ideal opportunity to compare. Not only could you save money, but you could get a better connection.

From the vast range of NBN plans available today, Finder says Australians could be saving up to $500 a year on their NBN service.

“You really shouldn’t be paying more than $70 a month for a plan with speeds of 50Mbps,” Kidman said.

“So if you’re one of the Aussies forking out close to $100 a month for an NBN50 or 25 service, it’s definitely time to review your plan.
“In most circumstances you’re better off checking out some of the smaller providers, who often offer better deals in order to make an impact.”

Finder  also spoke with 1,073 Australians who are yet to join the NBN and only 18 per cent planned to switch providers with 33 per cent intending to stay with the same company.

But 43 per cent were still undecided and five per cent did realise they could switch.

Here’s what to look for in an NBN plan.


If you’re a medium to heavy user then an unlimited plan would suit your needs and provide better value without having to track how much data you’re using.


Keeping your landline is another thing you need to decide when connected to the NBN. Don’t pay extra for a landline you’re not using considering your smartphone’s plan probably has unlimited calls anyway.


if you’ve been on the same NBN plan for more than a year, it’s worth taking a look around because wholesale prices became more affordable resulting in cheaper plans.