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TCL launches 4G MoveTime Family Watch for kids with video calling and GPS tracking


TCL has just launched its 4G MoveTime Family Watch – a sub-$200 watch for kids that offers video calling, voice calling, GPS tracking and 4G connectivity.

TCL MoveTime (MT40) makes it possible for parents to stay connected to their children at any time.

The product is designed for children who are not quite old enough to own a smartphone.

Parents can keep in contact with their kids via two-way 4G calling, video chat, photo sharing and messaging through the MoveTime’s 1.3-inch touch display.

Also onboard is geofencing and geolocation functionality which offers parents peace of mind knowing where their children are at all times.

There’s even an SOS button which can be activated if the child feels unsafe.

“The balance between wanting to protect their children while giving them the independence they often crave is a challenge many Australian families are going through. It is a conversation we have had in our own family,” said Sam Skontos, VP and Regional Managing Director of South East Asia and Pacific, TCL Mobile.

“While parents work through the right age for their children to have a mobile phone, the MoveTime Family Watch provides a compelling option for parents wanting to stay connected and monitor their children’s movements at a distance, while being immediately available at the touch of a button if needed.”

Priced at $199, the TCL MoveTime Family Watch has no ongoing subscription fees. All that is required is a SIM card to connect the device to a mobile network.

The device has a colourful design and is made from kid-safe materials with an IP65 water resistant rating and replaceable bands.

The 1.3-inch touchscreen also has changeable watch faces.

Parents can customise a geofence to a precise location like home or school and receive an alert when they leave those zones.

While the GPS functionality and connectivity are important to the parent, for the child TCL MoveTime also offers a fun experience and supports them living an active lifestyle with a built-in pedometer that can track steps, calories burned and distance walked.

Kids can even compete against their friends with their activity level while parents can also offer encouragement and motivation by liking their child’s activities.

TCL 4G MoveTime is available now in blue or pink from Big W and coming soon to Australia Post and priced at $199.