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Honda’s innovative new device can help people walk properly again


When we think of Honda, the first thing that comes to mind are cars but the company has come up with Walking Assist – an all-new and innovative device that can support people with weakened leg muscles to walk properly again.

Walking Assist has been in development for 16 years and has just been given approval as a medical device with the EU.

The product is placed on the patient’s lower back while hinges on either side link to straps that are fixed just above the knee.

The device that supports efficient walking of people who are receiving training or rehab for walking based on the actions of human walking.
The device can influence and measure the user’s walking motions.

Honda Walking Assist Device in use

Walking Assist uses the control technology that was developed based on Honda’s cumulative study of human walking.

Research has been going on since 1999 with the aim of bringing mobility to more people.
When the user is walking, angle sensors installed in right and left motors detect movement of the hip joints.

Based on information obtained from the angle sensors, the computer activates motors to influence the user to realise more efficient walking by the left and right legs.

With the size-adjustable framing function, the Walking Assist can be worn by people with a broad range of body types.

As well as various walking modes, the Walking Assist can influence the user’s walking actions based on their pattern of walking

It can also extend the legs forward and backwards and shift weight.

There are currently 250 hospitals in Japan that use the device for adults, which is leased through Honda Finance in Japan.

It has been available in Europe since January this year.

There are no plans as yet to bring Walking Assist to in Australia.