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Arlo’s wire-free cameras now compatible with Apple’s HomeKit


The Arlo Pro and Arlo 2 cameras, the most popular wire-free security cameras on the market, are now compatible with Apple HomeKit after huge customer demand.

The cameras offer live video streams to view on the Arlo app.

But now with Apple HomeKit compatibility, users can view the live stream within the Apple Home app on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

HomeKit can also send you a mobile notification on your iOS device.

Users will be able to have some form of control or monitoring capability through the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and HomePod.

“Given the ever-evolving smart home ecosystem protocols and landscape, cross-compatibility is something we’re always exploring,” said Tejas Shah, Arlo SVP Product and CIO.

“Knowing HomeKit support continuously resonates with our users, we wanted to expand those offerings to our wire-free camera solutions.

“By optimising the compatibility to work with both the HomeKit ecosystem, as well as the Arlo app, our users now have added convenience.”

One of the biggest benefits is the ability to trigger actions with other HomeKit compatible devices from different brands and categories.

For example, users can set an automation to trigger other HomeKit- enabled lights to turn on when the Arlo cameras detect motion.

Existing Arlo Pro and Pro 2 cameras connected to base stations (VMB4000 and VMB4500) can now receive notifications on the Apple Home app when motion is detected.

And, of course, being part of HomeKit means customers can now control their Arlo cameras with their voice through Siri.

Siri can display the video streams you ask for.

For example, you might ask: “Hey Siri, show me front door on Arlo” which is then displayed in HD on an iPhone or iPad.

To set up an Arlo camera with a HomeKit setup code:

  1. Setup your Arlo camera and base station with the Arlo app.
  2. Launch the Apple Home app.
  3. Tap + > Add Accessory.
  4. Scan the HomeKit setup code on your base station or quick start guide.
  5. Follow the setup flow to name cameras and place them in HomeKit rooms.
    Your devices are ready to use with HomeKit.

To set up an Arlo camera without a HomeKit setup code:

  1. Launch the Arlo app on your Apple device.
  2. Tap Settings > My Devices.
  3. Select an Arlo base station.
  4. Tap HomeKit.
  5. Select the base station you want to add to HomeKit.
  6. Select a Home or tap Add New Home.
    If you don’t have a Home set up in the Arlo app, you are directed to create a Home.
  7. Select a Room or tap Add a New Room.
    If you don’t have a Room set up in the Arlo app, you are directed to create a Room.
  8. Tap Continue to add devices to HomeKit to add cameras or additional base stations.
  9. Continue through the setup flows to confirm the name and room placement for each device.
    Note: The name that you give each device is used for Siri commands. Choose a unique name that is easy to remember and pronounce.
  10. Confirm the name of the device.
  11. Tap Skip, or rename any other devices as needed.
  12. Tap Finish.
    Your devices are ready to use with HomeKit.