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Apple Watch 10th Anniversary edition is rumoured to include a larger 2-inch display

Apple is rumoured to be working on a special 10th anniversary edition of Apple Watch which will feature a larger 2-inch display. This will make it bigger than the Apple Watch Ultra. 

The Apple Watch Series 10 could be called Apple Watch X and feature a thinner design yet with a larger 2-inch display.

The latest Apple Watch is expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 16 in mid-September and will go on sale at the end of September.

CAD renders from 91mobiles were sent to Tech Guide and show a larger 2-inch display.

If this is accurate it will make the new Apple Watch X larger than the Apple Watch Ultra (1.93-inch) and the Apple Watch Series 9 (1.7-inch).

Looking at the renders, Apple Watch X/Apple Watch Series 10 will include its usual features – a square display, the digital crown and a side button in the same positions as seen in the previous models.

It’s also rumoured Apple Watch X will possibly include a new band connection system.

Reports suggest it may be a magnetic band attachment that replaces the current slide in system.

The original Apple Watch was unveiled in September 2014 and went on sale in Australia and around the world in April 2015.