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DJI launches Osmo Action to capture your adventures in 4K


DJI, the No 1 drone manufacturer, is edging into GoPro territory with the Osmo Action – a rugged go-anywhere camera that can capture your activities and adventures in 4K quality.

DJI is building on its product portfolio of drones and gimbals with the Osmo Action which has inherited a lot of the sensor and stabilisation technology.

Osmo Action has dual screens – a 2.25-inch rear screen to frame what you’re shooting and a 1.4-inch front display for the times when you want to point the camera at yourself.

The displays and the lens have a special coating to repel fingerprints and water.

The camera is wrapped in a durable chassis that is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and can operate in sub-freezing temperatures.

The onboard sensor can capture 12-megapixel stills and 4K video at up to 60 frames per second at 100Mbps for stunning quality and detail.

The three-glass aspherical lens has low distortion while the lens cap has anti-reflective coating to reduce lens glare to open up the shooting possibilities even in bright light.

Osmo Action also RockSteady – DJI’s image stabilisation through the three-axis mechanical gimbals which work with high-performance algorithms to produce ultra-smooth footage.

It is also capable of High Dynamic Range in 4K/30fps which adds another three stops of dynamic range to your scenes.

Other intelligent features include slo-mo – 8x slow motion in 1080p 240fps or 4x slow motion in 1080p 120fps.

Users can also turn minutes into seconds with Timelapse and come up with their own custom exposure settings.

With the DJI Mimo app, it’s also possible to connect to Osmo Action to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can see a live feed, use quick editing features and to transfer your photos and videos to your mobile device.

Osmo Action will also have a large ecosystem of accessories which will be available in the coming weeks:

– Camera Frame Kit: Included with the Osmo Action, the Camera Frame Kit offers a universal mount for additional accessories and a window for the LED indicator to show camera status in real time while protecting the device.

– Adhesive Mounts: Attach Osmo Action to flat or curved surfaces including skateboards, bikes, helmets, and more to capture fast-paced moments. Both the curved and flat adhesive mounts are included with Osmo Action.

– Waterproof Case: The waterproof case protects the device at depths down to 60 meters while providing a clear image using high-strength glass.

– 3.5mm Adapter: The 3.5mm adapter offers users the ability to connect an external mic for professional sound recording.

– Extension Rod: Capture unique angles using the Extension Rod, which features a rotatable phone holder and a ¼-inch screw adapter.

– Floating Handle: The Floating Handle offers a comfortable grip for Osmo Action and keeps it floating when shooting in water.

– Filters: Osmo Action comes with Neutral Density (ND), Polarizer, and underwater filters. ND filters (ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32) reduce light exposure in various environments, while Polarizer filters reduce reflections and increase colour saturation for a more appealing image. Orange Seawater and Purple Freshwater filters restore the natural colour of underwater scenes.

– Charging Hub: Charge up to three batteries simultaneously in less than 130 minutes.

The DJI Osmo Action is available now for $499 through and will be available in stores in June.